ARCH 121 (Visual Communication 2, instr. Taryn Mudge), Winter 2014

ARCH 121 (Visual Communication 2) introduces students to the visual communication tools and methods used in the discipline of architecture. Students learn standard methods of architectural representation, analytical techniques for understanding and communicating the formal ordering systems of architecture and the use and value of precedents in guiding a course-long architectural investigation. Students explore experimental forms of architectural representation and methods that incorporate experiential aspects of architecture: human scale, materiality, color, light, texture, time, and more. Each student is given an architectural precedent to research and explore in a variety of mediums over the term. Each precedent provides a unique perspective on the domestic environment and will provide a clear and compelling framework for exploring experiential qualities and the larger cultural, social and historical context within which they were conceived and executed.

This course proposes that there is a strong bond between drawing and building. The quality of craftsmanship in the making of a building can be forecast by the craftsmanship invested in its representation prior to construction—from drawing to modeling and, indeed, in the craftsmanship invested building the concept (evident in diagrams). The organization of this course will reinforce that connection by beginning with orthographic drawing and analytical diagramming techniques and then moving into the construction of physical models that are a further exploration of the experiential and analytical notions posited by each student. 

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