Our Mission & Vision

Our Vision

Contemplate, for a moment, a life without the arts, a world silenced of song and musicality, our bodies restrained from dramatic play and expressive gesture, our environment emptied of visually and materially provocative artifacts and places. To value the arts is to recognize, as we do, the irreplaceable role they fulfill in the positive transformation of a community. The arts remain our primary means of revealing the evolution of our collective identity. They alone can cast innovative light across the values and traditions that demand to be reinterpreted for any culture to consider itself vital and progressive.

We assert that the arts must confront the perennial, profound questions of being human, projecting the possibility of a better life, reframing our understanding of goodness, and soliciting meaning from their diverse media for the pleasure and illumination of all. On behalf of, and in partnership with, our local and global communities we fully engage the responsibility to educate within, and advocate for, the creative practices associated with architecture, art and design, music, theatre and film.

Our Mission

The mission of the College of the Arts is to provide outstanding professional education and training in partnership with the region’s working artists, scholars, creative professionals and cultural institutions in the fields of architecture, art and design, music, theatre and film. We create and collaborate, and provide opportunities for faculty and students to shape the future by pushing boundaries.

The College of the Arts is a strategic partner in preparing talented young people for leadership in creative careers. Students are challenged to see their work within the artistic and critical traditions that provoke their own creative thinking and to seek interdisciplinary approaches and collaboration in both a local and global context.

Located in the heart of Portland’s cultural district, the school resides within the Park Blocks of downtown, in which the major arts organizations are based, such as the Portland Art Museum and the Portland Center for the Performing Arts. We view this as our extended campus. Within blocks of the school reside theaters, galleries, professional studios, and design and architectural firms, which provide a stimulating environment in which our students develop through interactions and internships. The combination of a celebrated faculty and a professional arts environment creates exciting and challenging undergraduate and graduate programs with high professional standards.