Minor in Film Studies

Requirements for a Minor in Film Studies

To earn the Minor in Film Studies, students will be required to complete 28 advisor-approved film credits to include the following:

8 Credits:
TA 131 Understanding Movies/FILM 131 Film Analysis or FILM 135 Classic Movies (4)
ENG 304 Critical Approaches to Cinema (4)

20 Credits:
20 elective credits from the Film curriculum with at least 12 carrying numbers 300 or above


Courses taken under the undifferentiated grading option (pass/no pass) will not be accepted toward fulfilling minor requirements. All courses for the Minor must receive a letter grade of C or above. At least 16 credits of film studies courses must be taken in residence at Portland State University. Credits will be applicable to the student's major when appropriate.

Please Note: The Minor in Film Studies is an interdisciplinary program, available to all undergraduates admitted to PSU. Students may elect to pursue the minor in the School of Theater + Film, and Departments of Communication, or English.

Elective Options in the Film Studies minor degree program:

FILM 135 Classic Movies (4)
TA 252 Makeup (2) [restricted to majors]
TA 311 Scene Design I (4) [restricted to majors]
TA 314 Lighting I (4) [restricted to majors]
TA 321 Introduction to Costume Design (4) [restricted to majors]
TA 348 Acting for the Camera (4)
FILM 370 Topics: Theater, Media, and Culture (4) Including:
Shakespeare on Film, Film Genres, Hitchcock, 1950s Media and Culture, Musicals, The New Musical, The Road Movie, Robert Altman, Film Goes to War, Gangster Films, Vietnam on Screen, The 70's Film/TV Renaissance, The Western, The Western Since 1960 (Back in the Saddle Again), Scorsese, Film Stardom, Gangster Films & Musicals, The Films of Warner Bros, Mocumentary, Wes Anderson, The Indy Film Since 1980, European Directors, Reel Nature.
FILM 384, 385 American Cinema and Culture I, II (4, 4)
FILM 486 Topics in Film and the Moving Image (4) Including:
Irish Theater and Film, Contemporary Irish Cinema, Reel Shakespeare
TA 474, 475 Dramatic Writing I, II (4, 4) [restricted to majors]
TA 484, 485 Anatomy of a Movie I and II (4, 4)
Art 255 Two-dimensional Animation I (4)
Art 256 Three-dimensional Animation I (4)
Art 257 Video I (4)
Art 296 Digital Drawing and Painting (4)
Art 301 Processes and Practices of the Creative Industries (4)
Art 455 Time Arts Studio (4)
ArH 291 History of Animation (4)
BSt 424 African-American/African Culture in Cinema (4)
BSt 425 Black Cinema: The 1970s (4)
BSt 426 Contemporary African-American Cinema (4)
BSt 427 African American Films and Film Makers (4)
ENG 304 Critical Theory of Cinema (4)
ENG 305 Topics in Film (4) Including:
Hollywood in the Thirties, Hollywood in the Seventies, Film Noir, Independent Cinema, Films of Alfred Hitchcock, Films of Orson Welles, Films of Sundance, Asian American Film and Video, Images of Disability in Literature and Film, Trading Places: Racial and Gender Transformations in Film and Visual Culture, Immigrant Experience in Literature and Film, Native American Cinema, Vampirism in Cinema, Science Fiction Cinema, The Films and Times of Charlie Chaplin, Civilized Nightmares: Utopia and Dystopia in Film, Film & Social Justice, War Culture, Film, Postmodern Popular Culture
ENG 367 Immigrant Experience in Literature and Film
ENG 494 Topics in Critical Theory and Methods: Feminist Film Theory (4)
WR 416 Screenwriting (4)
DANE 361 Danish Films from Dreyer to Dogmer (4)
FR 305 Topics in French Film (4)
GER 399 History of German Film (4)
GER 410 Modern German Film (4)
JPN 361 Japanese Literature through Film (4)
RUS 331 Russian Film (4)
SPAN 436 Cine-Lit: Latin American Film (4)
SOC 410 Sociology Through Film (4)
SP 399 Media, Law and Politics (4)
SP 399 Film Studies, I, II, III (4, 4, 4)
SP 410 Women in Contemporary Film (4)

*Students may also seek program advisor approval to substitute elective coursework from other film courses in the university.

**Starting fall 2014, all film courses offered through the School of Theater and Film have the FILM prefix.  Previous to this term film classes have a TA prefix.