MFA Returning Studio Exhibition Statement

What happens when a naked man enters the screen dragging a cacophonous metal pipe stirring an outburst of primal rage against a barren, empty industrial room? What is being communicated by a text that unveils layers of normalized white privilege and institutional racism? Why does one ponder the poetics of floating digital shapes dialoguing organic natural forms in relationship to a fabric print? Where does the imagination take over when viewing an installation of sculpted cardboard creations envisioning absurd beauty that questions reality and perspective? When is it time to finalize an endless process of making and arranging connections between objects while still paying homage to the obsessive nature of creating them? How can reclaiming symbols of indigenous cosmology make sense in a contemporary art vernacular engaging rock formations and oil paintings? Everything as Before Now, is a survey of current work by Portland State University’s MFA Studio Practice 2014 candidates.