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IMPORTANT NOTICE: PSU has one scholarship awarding cycle each year.  The online scholarship applications become available in early October, and they are due the following: February 1st for undergraduates and March 31st for graduates.  Scholarships awarded in this process will be available to students the following academic year.

ADMISSIONS - Information on how to be admitted to PSU and how to apply for admission to your specific degree program in the College. 

Undergraduate PSU Admission    ::  Co-Admission    ::   Admission to the College    ::     Graduate Admission

ADVISING - Information on scheduling classes to best suit your goals. 


Graduate Advising - contact the Graduate Advisor in your academic program in the College

SCHOLARSHIPS AND AID - Information on obtaining scholarship or financial aid money to assist with tuition.

Scholarships in the College of the Arts

Undergraduate Scholarships and Financial Aid

Graduate Scholarships


STUDENT GROUPS - Information on student activities in the College of the Arts

College of the Arts Student Groups

TUTORING - Help with current coursework, and assistance in developing effective learning strategies.   PSU Learning Center, 2nd Floor Millar Library . For additional information, please visit Portland State University.

Other Student Resources

Image: Architecture student designed structure from the 2012 Pickathon music festival (photo by John Keel)