Current Student Information


It is important to see your advisor on a regular basis during the course of a degree program.  If you are not sure who your advisor is, ask your applied music teacher. Your advisor is typically your AREA COORDINATOR.

Applied Music

Students who intend to register for Applied Music Instruction (private lessons) must have instructor and Area Coordinator approval. You must get the Course Reference Number (CRN) from your Area Coordinator. CRNs will be available at fall and winter juries. Each lesson lasts for either a half-hour or a full hour, once a week, for a period of 10 weeks (in other words, 10 private lessons).

Declaring Your Music Major

To declare or change your music major(s), you should refer to the list of MUSIC DEGREE CODES to declare your Music degree(s) with the PSU Admissions, Registrations, & Records Office. If you are a new or transferring student, you are required to apply for and pass the School Entrance Audition to be considered a music major and/or minor. An audition is also required whenever changing degrees within the School of Music. Please consult with your AREA COORDINATOR.


Along with Applied Music, Music students must be co-enrolled in a LARGE ENSEMBLE. These are the mainstays of our Program and there are many to choose from. An audition may be required.

Foreign Language Requirement

For students seeking a Bachelor of Arts in Music degree, the Department of World Languages and Literatures is your go-to place for learning how to satisfy PSU's foreign language requirement. Please review the INFORMATION HERE then select your language. The system will guide you through your options. The Department of World Languages and Literatures is located in Neuberger Hall 491 and is open Monday through Friday 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Jury Forms

Music Education

After students have earned an undergraduate degree (BS, BA or BM), they must complete the Graduate Teacher Education Program to become certified to teach in the public schools of Oregon. It is a 4-term program that begins either in the current summer or the following spring.  You must apply and be accepted. Currently 100% of graduates find jobs. CLICK HERE FORM MORE INFORMATION.

Music Library Resources

Performance Attendance

All undergraduate Music Majors and Minors must register for Performance Attendance (MUS 188) and attend eight Noon Concerts each term.  Each music major student must complete nine (9) terms of MUS 188; each music minor student must complete six (6) terms of MUS 188.  The course is not offered during the summer term.

Piano Accompanists

Piano Proficiency Exam

All undergraduate Music Majors, including piano majors and transfer students, must pass MUS 046 - PIANO PROFICIENCY EXAM as part of their degree requirements for graduation. They must pass all portions of this exam before entering MUS 211 - MUSIC THEORY II, MUS 291 - ADVANCED CLASS PIANO, and before taking the UPPER DIVISION EXAM.

Practice Rooms, Building Access and Lockers for Music Majors and Minors

  • All Music Majors and Minors are charged a mandatory practice room access fee of $30 per term. This fee is automatically charged to each student's account when they enroll in courses each term.
  • All students should obtain a PSU STUDENT KEY CARD FROM ID SERVICES in the Neuberger Hall lobby.
  • All Music Majors and Minors who have paid the practice room fee will be allowed access to both Lincoln Hall and Cramer Hall for practice room use from 7am-11pm seven days a week using this key card. Please check the campus map to find which doors have key card access.
  • Students will also need a practice room code (a unique seven digit number for access to the practice room suites located in Lincoln Hall 1, 23 & 203 and Cramer Hall 358. Practice room codes can be obtained in the Music Office (LH 231).
  • Instrument lockers are located in Lincoln Hall 33, 36 & 38 and are $75 per academic year (Fall/Winter/Spring) plus $50 refundable deposit. Students wishing to rent a locker should register for INSTRUMENT LOCKER FEE - MUS 02 001. Please bring your instrument to the Music Office (LH 231) when requesting a locker, so staff can evaluate the size.
  • Piano, percussion, harp & jazz combo students will need to contact their area coordinator to request a key to the specialized practice rooms. Please do not contact Office Staff directly; all requests must come from faculty.
  • Non-music majors: non-music major students may rent music practice rooms on a term-by-term basis. Students must be enrolled in at least one music course or Applied Music (MUP). Practice Room Access codes expire at the end of each term. Please come to the Music Office (LH 231) for more information. Practice rooms are limited and therefore only available to PSU students currently enrolled in music courses. School of Music staff will verify enrollment and Major/Minor status.

Recital Program

Upper Division Examination/Level Change

Students who have completed two years of undergraduate study at PSU School of Music and/or wish to change their MUP level are required to complete the Upper Division Examination.


The School of Music at Portland State University is committed to providing information regarding hearing, vocal and musculoskeletal health and injury prevention.

The Coordinate Movement Program, established in 2001, offers wellness classes, private lessons and community referrals for all musicians.

If you are currently seeking a Portland-area medical professional who can assist with a music related concern, check our WELLNESS REFERRALS.