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Evelyn I. Crowell Endowed Scholarship

This scholarship was established in 2012 by Evelyn Crowell to support and inspire students who wish to pursue an education in theatre, film or opera. Ms. Crowell, herself a PSU alum, worked as a professor and in the library at Portland State University for three decades before retiring in 2002. She continues to attend and support theatre and opera at the university and in the community at large, loving the transformational art of story-telling that occurs during a theatre production. This scholarship is awarded to a junior or senior and rotates annually between Theatre & Film and the opera program.

The Kamelia Massih Outstanding Student Prize in the Arts

The Kamelia Massih Outstanding Student Award is bestowed annually to one student for outstanding achievement in his or her discipline and for bringing recognition or innovation to the College of the Arts.

The prize was established by Dr. Fariborz Maseeh to honor the life of his sister, Kamelia Massih. Dr. Massih was a beloved Portland optometrist and a true American success story. Born and raised in Tehran, she came to the United States in 1978, initiated her studies in biology at Portland State University and subsequently graduated in 1981 from Oregon State University and Pacific University. She cared deeply about others and loved fine arts, music and dance.

Lois A. and Oscar F. Mock Scholarship

For more than three decades Lois Mock was a dedicated member of the staff at Portland State University, serving four Deans in what was then called the School of Fine and Performing Arts before retiring in 1992.  Both she and her late husband Oscar were avid fans of the arts. She says Oscar was an especially enthusiastic supporter, “literally forgetting to breathe during a particularly good performance." Long a fan of the Peter Britt Festival founded by John Trudeau, in his later years Oscar also grew to enjoy Portland Taiko.  Working so closely for many years with students, Ms. Mock said she makes this generous gift "because I know there is great need." Ms. Mock has established an endowment that provides a $1000 scholarship each year on a rotational basis to each of the College of the Arts' four Schools.  While her endowment grows, Ms. Mock has also been providing an additional scholarship to each of the four schools for a total of five scholarship awards each year. 

College of the Arts Scholarship

This scholarship was created by friends, faculty and alums to provide scholarships for undergraduate or graduate students majoring in the Schools of Architecture, Art & Design, Music, or Theatre Arts & Film.

Wilma and Robert Sheridan Endowed Scholarship

This scholarship was established by the Sheridans in 1992 to assist undergraduate students enrolled in the College of the Arts.

In 1990 Dr. Sheridan retired from her position as Dean of what was then called the School of Fine and Performing Arts after nearly three decades at the university. She began her life's work at PSU as a music history and methods instructor before becoming music department chair and eventually Dean. She and her late husband, a dentist and instructor at OSHU, have three children. She says they established the scholarship because, "There is such a need and so much talent that doesn't get rewarded!" This scholarship is awarded by the Dean's office, and rotates annually between each of the four Schools. Students must have at least one year of attendance at PSU and be enrolled fulltime.

Elizabeth and John Trudeau Endowed Scholarship

This scholarship was established in 1990 to help undergraduate students enrolled in the School of Fine and Performing Arts and honors the memory of John Trudeau, co-founder of the Britt Festival and the first Dean of the School of Fine and Performing Arts (now known as the College of the Arts). Trudeau was a music professor and associate conductor of the Portland Symphony Orchestra before becoming Dean in the 1950's. The Scholarship rotates each year between majors in the areas of architecture, art & design, music and theatre & film. Recipients must be entering their junior or senior year and have a minimum 3.5 GPA to be eligible for consideration of this scholarship.

Architecture Endowed Scholarship

This scholarship was created by faculty and friends of architecture for the purpose of providing scholarships for undergraduate students of Architecture at Portland State University.

Architecture Intern Fee Award Endowment

This fund was the inspiration of Dean Barbara Sestak to support the professional pathway of PSU Architecture students. As a kick-start to qualified students, this endowment will fund a student's $100 initial intern record in National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB), which is required in order for a student to begin his or her NCARB Intern Development Program.

Barbara A. Sestak Scholarship, presented by Howard S. Wright

This gift was created by Howard S. Wright with a matching fund contribution from the Maybelle Clark Macdonald Fund to attract and retain outstanding students to the School of Architecture. Honoring the life's work of former Dean and Architecture Professor Barbara Sestak, the scholarship seeks to support students from backgrounds traditionally underrepresented in higher education and the profession.

Blick Art Materials Merit Scholarship Fund, School of Architecture

This annual scholarship is provided by a generous donation from Blick Art Supplies and supports a first year graduate applicant for use in his or her 2nd year of Master of Architecture degree program. The scholarship is based on financial need, GPA and best overall use of diverse media.

Denis P. Norstrom Endowed Scholarship in Architecture

An estate gift from Denis P. Norstrom created this endowed scholarship. Denis P. Norstrom was born and raised in Oregon. Since his early youth he was drawn to art, architecture and landscape design. Following graduation from Portland State University in 1969, Denis Norstrom opened his own firm, Inter-Design. Inter-Design completed many notable projects with the Port of Portland and the Lloyd Corporation as well as private residences and gardens. Recognizing the financial challenge facing students today who wish to earn a college degree and grateful for his own education, Denis Norstrom created this scholarship to benefit future generations of undergraduate and graduate students majoring in Architecture.

Art History Endowed Prize in Honor of Jane Kristof

Upon her retirement from PSU Lisa Andrus-Rivera created this endowment to honor fellow art history faculty member Jane Kristof.  Kristof and Andrus-Rivera shared an art office for more than 20 years and together researched and developed the curriculum that allowed them to teach a full-spectrum of art history coursework to PSU students.  The endowment supports scholarships for art history students.

Art History Scholarship

Donations from alumni and individuals created this scholarship to support students in the art history area. The fund may also support awards for art history term papers.

Blick Art Materials Merit Scholarship Fund, School of Art+Design

This annual scholarship is provided by a generous donation from Blick Art Supplies and supports an undergraduate or graduate art student. Scholarship selection is based on merit, financial need and GPA.

Richard Brown Travel Award

Richard Brown created this award to help full time art history faculty lead small groups of students on excursions to museums, galleries, special exhibitions or private collections located outside of the Portland metro area.

Justin Eyerly Memorial Endowed Scholarship

This fund was established with leadership gifts from the Portland Trail Blazers and the Eyerly family in honor of Justin Eyerly, who was killed in action in June 2004 while serving with his Oregon National Guard unit in Iraq. Justin was an art student and an intern with the Portland Trail Blazers. The scholarship is awarded annually based on portfolio, financial need and grade point average. The selected scholar should demonstrate a creative spirit and show an aptitude for working in multiple mediums.

The Harry and Karen Groth Scholarship

This $1000 annual scholarship supports an Oregon student whose field of study is painting or sculpture in the School of Art + Design. The Groth's established the award in recognition of the high degree of talent and financial need of Portland State University art students.  Dr. Groth attended PSU after retiring from his medical practice, and earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in painting.

Jean Kendall Glazer Endowed Scholarship

This scholarship was created in honor of Jean Kendall Glazer, professor emerita in the School of Art + Design, who was responsible for establishing and maintaining the art education program from its inception until her retirement in 1987. The scholarship supports art majors studying art education.

Graphic Design Endowed Scholarship

This endowment has been created by donations from friends, faculty and alums to support scholarship for graphic design students in the School of Art + Design.

Robert and Normandie Holmes Endowed Travel Fellowship

The Holmes created this fund in 2010 to provide an art history student(s) with a travel stipend to engage in academic research related to art history outside of the Portland, Oregon area.

Richard Muller Endowed Scholarship

The Richard Muller Endowed Scholarship at Portland State University is a lasting memorial to PSU art professor Richard Muller and serves to continue his love of teaching by providing financial support annually to an art student who demonstrates both artistic talent and financial need.

Florence Saltzman-Heidel Art Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded based on portfolio, financial need and GPA to an art student in any studio concentration. The recipient must be a declared art major, currently admitted full time with at least 20 credit hours of art courses.

Arlene Schnitzer Visual Arts Prize

This prize was created by the Harold and Arlene Schnitzer CARE Foundation to recognize outstanding talent in the School of Art and Design at PSU and advance the recognition of PSU as a major player in the arts in the Pacific Northwest. The prize is made up of two cash awards of $5,500 and $4,000 that are awarded to students annually based on a juried competition.

Mary Ausplund Tooze Scholar

Established in 2014 this award encourages study and research in Ancient and Islamic Art.  It is open to juniors, seniors, and graduate students from all majors.  Applicants submit a two page letter of intent and budget describing the purpose of their intended travel and/or study along with how it enhances their educational goals.

Lucille Welch Endowed Scholarship

This scholarship was created to carry forward Lucille Welch's love of the Arts. It is open to graduate and undergraduate Art students of "outstanding promise" with preference given to students in the areas of painting, drawing, sculpture and printmaking. Financial need is also taken into consideration.

Marjorie Albertson Endowed Scholarship

The Marjorie Albertson Music Scholarship was created to assist music students entering their senior year of study within the College of the Arts who demonstrate academic and leadership potential, as well as financial need. Recipients may use the scholarship funds towards tuition or for instructional equipment.

Debbie Boldrick Scholarship

This scholarship is to be awarded to a single parent or a student from a single parent family on the basis of need, merit and personal essay. The scholarship was established by Debbie Boldrick, a longtime PSU employee. As a single parent, Debbie made sure her own two daughters were engaged in music-centered activities while growing up and understands both the importance and the cost of music instruction.

Dr. Bruce Browne Vocal Endowed Scholarship

This scholarship was created in honor of Dr. Bruce Browne, a legendary choral director and educator whose work over more than two decades at PSU launched the highly regarded choral program that continues to thrive today. The endowment was funded in large part by a grateful community, including music patrons Pat and Trudy Ritz. The scholarship supports PSU vocal students.

Florence Levy Cello & Violin Schoalrship

Florence Levy created a scholarship to assist students majoring in cello or violin to honor the life work of Professor Hamilton Cheifetz. Mrs. Levy hopes to encourage students to excel in their chosen major without the financial burden of the cost of higher education.

Jeannine B. Cowles Endowed Music Scholarship

Jeannine Cowles, known affectionately as the "angel" of the university's music program, established this scholarship in 1993 to assist undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in the School of Music as full-time music majors. Cowles, who built a successful business as president and CEO of Weight Watchers of Oregon, Inc., also enjoyed an illustrious career as a theater and opera performer.

Drum and Bugle Corps Endowed Scholarship

The Drum and Bugle Corps Scholarship was established to assist students studying within brass and/or percussion areas of music.

Festa Italiana Association Scholarship

The scholarship was established to support students in the vocal program and is awarded based on audition or juried performance. Recipients must be full-time music majors and participate in at least one large ensemble.

Guitar Scholarship

Donations from alumni and individuals created this scholarship to support music performance students whose focus is guitar.

Ronni Lacroute Vocal Scholarship

The Ronni Lacroute Vocal Scholarship provides resources to attract and retain the best and brightest vocal performance students while ensuring financial need is not a barrier to a high quality arts education.  This scholarship assists graduate and undergraduate students in good academic standing who demonstrate financial need.

William J. Lang Endowed Jazz Fellowship

This fund was created to provide funding for PSU Jazz students to pursue artistic and creative development projects during the summer term.

Stephen and Sharon Loaiza Endowed Music Scholarship

This scholarship was created by the Loaiza's to support deserving music students, as determined by the School of Music and the Office of Student Financial Aid, with no restriction as to the area of music specialization.

Low Music Memorial Scholarship

The Robert and Rosemary Low scholarships were created by a generous estate gift and are awarded to music students on the basis of financial need and musical merit. This fund is generally only awarded to instrumental students and is used for ensemble enhancement. It can be awarded to non-majors performing with the jazz band, orchestra or wind ensembles.

Arthur K. McNett and Aileen Guy McNett Music Scholarship Endowment

Lifelong residents of Oregon, the McNett's chose to gift a significant share of their life's work to Portland State University because they believe that music is a vitally important part of life. They hope their scholarship will inspire students to excel musically, and that in turn, these students will enrich their communities for years to come.  Both Arthur and Aileen were business majors, and Aileen worked for Portland State for many years as the assistant manager of the Smith Union.

William Bradford Mersereau, Jr. Endowed Scholarship

This scholarship was established in 2007 by Brad Mersereau, A PSU music composition alum, to support a senior student majoring in jazz piano, jazz instrumental or composition. The scholarship is awarded based on merit and written essay from student applicants. Mersereau, a pianist and a composer, says it gives him great joy to see that after graduation his music scholarship recipients are able to do exactly what they said they wanted to do.

James F. Miller Scholarship

The purpose of this scholarship is to provide annual music scholarships to School of Music students based on competitive audition.

Music Department Scholarship

Generous donations from the community fund this merit-based scholarship that supports full-time declared music majors. Recipients must participate in at least one large ensemble and enroll and participate in required coursework. A minimum GPA of 3.00 is required.

Jacqueline Rayot Olsson Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to students in the piano program through audition or jury. Recipients must be full-time declared music majors. Other criteria applies.

Pep Band Program Fund

The purpose of this fund is to support the Portland State University Pep Band, including, but not limited to, scholarships and/or stipends to participants.

Georgia Leupold Marshall Endowed Music Scholarship

One of music's greatest fans, Georgia Leupold Marshall created this endowment in 1999 to support deserving music students. Ms. Marshall grew up in a musical family, both her mother and father were musicians and met at Portland's Youth Symphony.  Recipients must be full-time music majors and maintain a 3.0 grade point average.

John C. Rowe School of Music Scholarship Endowmen

This endowment was created through an estate gift from John Rowe and supports scholarships for students majoring in music.  Dr. Rowe spent his retirement years in Portland, where he enjoyed performances by PSU music students.

Marilyn Shotola Flute Scholarship

This scholarship was created by relatives, friends of colleagues of Marilyn Shotola to honor her more than 30 years of teaching in the School of Music at Portland State University. Shotola taught flute, music theory and music history, and helped establish the flute studio. The recipient is chosen by audition and must have flute as his or her major instrument.

Gordon Solie Endowed Bassoon Scholarship

Established in 1998 by retired faculty emeritus and well-known bassoonist Gordon Solie, this scholarship supports bassoon players who are full-time music majors.

Dr. John H. Wirtz and Dr. Felicia P. Wirtz Endowed Scholarship

This scholarship was established by Felicia Wirtz following the death of her husband John to support music majors with high financial need. John was a biology professor for nearly three decades at PSU and Felicia also taught biology at area schools and community colleges. The Wirtz's greatly enjoyed music, attending concerts throughout the region at least weekly. They were particularly fond of music at PSU, where they served for many years as ushers.


Asher B. Wilson Endowed Theatre Scholarship

This endowment was created to provide tuition scholarship for a PSU undergraduate student majoring in Theatre Arts.

The Autzen Foundation School of Theater + Film Scholarship

The ​Autzen Foundation School of Theater + Film Scholarship ​recognizes The Autzen Foundation's commitment to the Arts and to Arts Education by establishing a merit scholarship for talented theater, film, and dance students in the School of Theater + Film. ​

Koerner Camera Film Scholarship

The Koerner Camera Film Scholarship is the inaugural scholarship for a PSU Film major and was established by Koerner Camera Film Systems, the Pacific Northwest's premier digital cinema camera rental house.  The Koerner Camera Film Scholarship will provide access to high quality film education and world class pre-professional training for two School of Theater + Film students annually.  Undergraduate students majoring in Film with an emphasis in Cinematography are eligible.

Theatre Arts Major Scholarship

This scholarship is provided through proceeds of theatre arts activities and supports an upper division theatre arts major. (NOTE, this is not a PSU Foundation account.)


For information on how to support students in the College of the Arts, please contact Katharine Reed, Director of Development, at 503.725.3396 or or visit our contribute page.