BA/BS in Arts Studies

The Arts Studies degree serves those undergraduates who would like to major in the arts in more than one school, or in interdisciplinary art forms. Additionally, the program provides options in the arts for those students who wish to pursue an interest in design or an interest in teaching in elementary schools (students are required to have completed a BA/BS degree prior to entering teacher preparation programs (GTEP) in the Graduate School of Education). Students who complete the Arts Studies education option degree would then apply to a school of education to complete their teaching education and credentialing.

The degree requires formal admission at the Junior level and 60 credits of study, including three College courses, two that provide a foundation and a third that serves as a senior project allowing students to apply what they have learned in the study of multiple arts theory and practice. This project may involve community-based learning, internships, apprentice teaching or creative projects. Students take 24 credits of entry level course work in both arts theory and practice, continue their exploration in at least two fields, taking 24 upper division credits chosen in consultation in advance with an adviser and finish with the senior project. FPA 445 Senior Project is the culminating course for the Arts Studies major and requires an interdisciplinary independent project that ties in material from the courses taken for the major.

Degree Requirements - Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science in Arts Studies (AS)

Each student enrolled in the Arts Studies BA/BS must complete 60 hours of coursework from the following schools: Art + Design, Architecture, Music, and Theatre & Film. Students will plan their program under one of three options (general, education, design) with the College advisers or the Associate Dean for the College. Students with their adviser should pay particular attention to any courses that are pre-requisites for upper division coursework they may want to take as they plan their program. Each student participates in a multi-disciplinary course at three points in the curriculum, entering, mid-point and exiting: FPA 101, FPA 301, and FPA 445.

The majority of courses necessary to fulfill the Arts Studies BA/BS are currently a part of the College’s course catalogue. The FPA abbreviation is used to distinguish three courses: 101, 301 and 445 that are specifically meant to serve the Arts Studies BA/BS.

Core required for all students


  • First year *FPA 101 Perspectives in the Arts (4)
  • Mid-point *FPA 301 Creative Thinking in the Arts (4)
  • Exit course *FPA 445 Senior Project (taken after completion of minimum of 40 credits in the major) (4)

Sub-total: 12


  • Twelve credits taken from each of at least two schools from the approved list of courses; with a minimum of two courses in theory/two in practice from two different departments (24)

Sub-total: 36


  • 24 upper division credits taken from at least two of the four schools, with a minimum of 8 in any one. Arts Studies majors may take any 300/400 in any of the four areas that have no prerequisites or for which they have taken the appropriate pre-requisite. (24)

Total 60

Application Form for Upper Division Admission to the BA/BS in Arts Studies

2013 Course Lists

FPA 445 Senior Project Proposal Form