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Program Overview

The Art Practices program provides a wide spectrum of experience and knowledge of processes, applications, theories, and the history of art, with an emphasis on developments in contemporary art. (88 credits) The first and second year focuses on foundation courses including art history, drawing, art theory and design. During the second year students are encouraged to sample a variety of courses in printmaking, painting, drawing, sculpture, digital art, mixed media and art and social practice. In the third and fourth years students have an opportunity to select their own combination of interdisciplinary classes or to focus on a specific area of interest. In either case they will develop their knowledge of visual language, media skills and the conceptual and expressive aspects of their work. Critical theory and professional practice in art are investigated to aid the student in establishing a context within the contemporary arts community.

Art programs are designed to develop the student's creative faculties, a sense of critical judgment, and fundamental skills and techniques. In each of the concentrations within the art major, the principal and supporting courses have one general purpose: to instill a mature, professional attitude toward the process of artistic creation and expression.

Students enrolled in the School of Art and Design acquire:

  • Knowledge and experience of the creative problem solving processes.
  • Knowledge of discipline-specific skills and vocabulary.
  • Knowledge of art history and design.
  • Knowledge of critical theories in art.
  • Knowledge and experience to formulate a cumulative body of work in their discipline.


Requirements for an Art major with a concentration in one of the following:

  • Art Practices
  • Drawing/Painting/Printmaking*
  • Graphic Design
  • Sculpture*

2014-2015 Art Practices Requirements

2013-2014 Art Practices Requirements

2012-2013 Art Practices Requirements

2011-2012 Art Practices Requirements

2010-2011 Art Practices Requirements

2009-2010 Art Practices Requirements

2008-2009 Art Practices Requirements

2007-2008 Drawing/Painting/Printmaking Major Requirements

2007-2008 Sculpture Major Requirements

*Beginning in the 2008-09 academic year these majors (Drawing/Painting/Printmaking & Sculpture) were incorporated into the Art Practices degree. New students beginning their degrees in Art at PSU should choose Art Practices if they're interested in Studio Art.

B.A. Only

Art History Studio Concentration
In order to make the link between visual art and verbal explanation, art history students will combine lectures with studio experience. Students will analyze western and non-western works for their content, style, and cultural revelance.

  • Art Major with a concentration in Art History
  • Art History Major

2010-2011 Art History Major
2010-2011 Art History Studio
2009-2010 Art History Major

2009-2010 Art History Studio

2008-2009 Art Major with Art History Concentration
2008-2009 Art History Major

Art Minor in the following:

  • Art History
  • Drawing/Painting/Printmaking
  • Graphic Design
  • Sculpture
  • Time Arts
  • Design Management (for non-art majors only)
  • Photography

2013-2014 Minors in Art

2012-2013 Minors in Art

2010-2011 Minors in Art

2009-2010 Minors in Art