A+D Facilities

The Art Building (2000 SW 5th Avenue) is home to the School  of Art + Design department office, drawing
and mixed media classrooms, an art history lecture hall,  an elementary education classroom, MFA studios,
the AB Lobby and MK Galleries, a working studio for graphic design students, and a large design
classroom and presentation space, the venue for Graphic Design's Show & Tell Lecture Series.


The main floor of the Art Annex (1990 SW 5th Avenue) houses PSU's thriving Graphic Design program.
In the classrooms, aspiring designers practice their craft, taught by a faculty of successful designers. The
Green Room is a resource center for Graphic Design students, with computers, printers and self-service


BFA studios occupy the basement of the Annex, where student artists work, play and create in their
studios. The Bachelor of Fine Arts program is designed for students who aspire to be professional artists;
each student is assigned a studio space to work in for the final year of the program.


On the second floor of Neuberger Hall (724 SW Harrison) are spacious painting and drawing studios with
high ceilings, large windows and plenty of natural light, a mixed media classroom, printmaking facilities,
critique space, a small metals lab for jewelry and sculpture, a black and white photo darkroom, and the
School of Art + Design's computer lab.


Shattuck Hall (1914 SW Park Avenue) is home to space shared by the School of Art + Design and the
School of Architecture. Facilities include a wood shop, digital fabrication studio with laser cutter, CNC
router and 3D printer, a metal shop with welding area, foundry for bronze and aluminum with wax room,
and sculpture classroom and casting shop.