Academics in the School of Architecture

The School of Architecture offers the following degree options:

Four-year BA/BS pre-professional undergraduate major in Architecture

Two-year professional Master of Architecture

Three-year Master of Architecture track

These degree programs aim to develop the creative identity of each student while nurturing civic responsibility, critical judgment, and the representational and technical ability to translate ideas into plausible architectural propositions. Through our connections with local architecture firms, we offer an initiation into the world of architectural practice and preparation for a career as a licensed professional.

Our goal is to provoke the conception of compelling architecture through acts of creative fabrication, which are inspired by a critical attitude toward cultural content and fostered within a collaborative environment of speculation and experiment.

Making architecture is an act of communication through which we interpret the richness and complexities of our shared lives into the material and spatial settings in which they unfold.

Three primary emphases motivate our teaching:

Material imagination and the poetics of making: Design through fabrication in which the communicative capacities of materials are explored through questions of poetic representation, crafting, media manipulation, and tectonic assembly.

The city and urban situationExploration of cultural context through engagement with topical urban issues, professional and community resources and organizations, and critical questioning of contemporary theories and practices.

Cultural identity and community engagement: Creative collaboration with community partners, fostered by dialogue and collective participation with local and remote organizations and groups, including the professional architectural community.