Academic Preparation to Become a PreK-12 Educator

Esperanza Spalding on the Importance of Arts Education - Watch the Video



PreK-12 teacher training in Oregon takes place at the graduate level; however, it is important to plan your program carefully in order to ensure you have completed the appropriate pre-requisites for early childhood, elementary and secondary education. Contact your subject area education adviser early and often.

ART PRACTICE Education Adviser: Conrad Schumacher | ART127 |

MUSIC Education Adviser: Debbie Glaze | LH239B |

THEATER ARTS Education Adviser: Karin Magaldi | LH127 |


The goal of the GTEP program is to prepare outstanding teachers who are strong in subject matter, experts in instructional decision-making and practices, and committed to educational excellence in the service of fair and humane schools and society. Students prepare for teacher certification with an optional Master of Education degree.

Secondary Education Pre-requisites: Art, Music, and/or Theater Arts

Master of Education degree (MEd)