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Students: Past Systems Science Dissertations

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Sienko, S.E.  2014
Health and Well-being of Young Adults with Cerebral Palsy

Udbye, A. 2014
Supply Chain Risk Management in India: An Empirical Study of Sourcing and Operations Disruptions, their Frequency, Severity, Mitigation Methods, and Expectations


Miller, M.C. 2013
Global Resource Management of Response Surface Methodology

Wikoff, R. 2013
Materialism, Personal Food Projects, and Satisfaction: a Phenomenological Study of Urban Gardening in Portland, Oregon


Toland, A. 2012
Short-term plasticity at the Schaffer collateral: a new model with implications for hippocampal processing

Uehara, T. 2012
A Systems Approach to Ecological Economic Models Developed Progressively in Three Interwoven Articles


Jolly, R. 2011
The Role of Feedback in the Assimilation of Information in Prediction Markets

Matzner, S. 2011
Model-based Information Extraction from Synthetic Aperture Radar Signals

O'Connell, M. 2011
Closed Loop Satisfaction Measurement: New Wine from Old Bottles

Snyder, T. 2011
Parent and Teacher Influences on Children's Academic Motivation

Hanson, G. 2011
A Multi-Level Study of the Predictors of Family-Supportive Supervision

Gui, K. 2011
Real Options Methodology in Sportswear Retail Investment Valuation


Leavengood, S. 2010
Identifying Best Quality Management Practices for Achieving Quality and Innovation Performance in the Forest Products Industry

Fowke, R. 2010
Performance Measures for Managerial Decision Making: Performance Measurement Synergies in Multi-Attribute Performance Measurement Systems

Mosher, H. 2010
Participatory Action Research with Dignity Village: An Action Tool for Empowerment within a Homeless Community

Dancu, T. 2010
Designing Exhibits for Gender Equity

Silvergleid Wallpe, C. 2010
Engaging a Systems Approach to Evalulate Domestic Violence Intervention with Abusive Men:  Reassessing the Role of Community 

Borthwick, G. 2010
Confirmation Bias and Related Errors

Holmstrom, L. 2010
Efficient Encoding of Vocalizations in the Auditory Midbrain


Sage, N. 2009
Peer Network Emergence and Change in the Classroom: A Multiple Systems Perspective

Oliver, C. 2009
Hardiness, Well-Being, and Health: A Meta-analytic Summary of Three Decades of Research

Cangur, O. 2009
Modeling Subprime Mortgage Delinquency, Termination and Loss

Ozbay, A. 2009
Determinants of Cross Organizational Software Project Success


Paronto, M. 2008
More than Screening Tools? An Examination of Preliminary Applicant Evaluation Methods

Kudo K. 2008
Role of Food Neophobia, Food Attitudes and Written Information on the Acceptance of Novel Fish Products - A Cross-Cultural Study

Marchand, G. 2008
Developing a Sense of Academic Ownership: A Longitudinal Analysis

Yragui, N. 2008
Intimate Partner Violence, Supervisor Support and Work Outcomes for Latinas and Non-Latina Employees

Hall, D. 2008
Sustainability from the Perspectives of Indigenous Leaders in the Bioregion Defined by the Pacific Salmon Runs of North America

Lockwood, R. 2008
Physicians Providing Alternative Medicine: Boundary Crossing and the Emergence of Integrative Medicine

Zenobia, B. 2008
A Grounded Agent Model of the Consumer Technology Adoption Process


Mist, S. 2007
Prediction of Traditional Chinese Medicine Diagnosis from Questionnaires

Sudrajat, I. 2007
Supply Chain Integration Practices in the U.S. Electronics Industry

Charles, K. 2007
Shift Work in the Long-Term Care Industry: An Examination of Organizational and Individual Factors that Influence Employee Outcomes

Chen, H. 2007
Sensitivity Analysis for Hierarchical Decisions Models

Fitzgerald, J. 2007
A Multilevel Analysis of Individual and Organizational-Level Effects on Staff Attitudes Towards Use of Medication in Substance Abuse Treatment

Shannon, T. 2007
Improving Monitoring and Diagnosis for Process Control Using Independent Component Analysis

Setamanit, S. 2007
A Software Process Simulation Model of Global Software Development (GSD) Projects


Vale, E. 2006
Early Moral Sense: Behavioral Self-Regulation, Temperament, and Prosocial Behavior in Young Children in Child-Centered Classrooms

Sahibzada, K. 2006
Job Insecurity and Work-Family Conflict: The Organizational, Situational, and Individual Influences on the Job Strain Process

Abugharbieh, D. 2006
A Market-Based Framework for Semiconductor Industry Growth with Reduced Ecological Impact

Seitz, R. 2006
Interpersonal Sensitivity and Information Sharing During Layoffs: Implications for Job Seekers

Fussell, H. 2006
First Impressions: A Study of the Relationship Between Presenting Problems and Clinical Perception

Leo, M., 2006
A Mixed-Methods and Multi-Level Investigation of the effects of a Crew Chief Intervention on Job Attitudes, Occupational Stress and Organizational Commitment


Iewwongcharoen, B. 2005
Toward the Development of Contingency Theory on the Use of Project Management Tools and Techniques

Ostberg, D., 2005
A Comparative Analysis of Artificial Neural Networks, Classification Trees, and Multivariate Linear Regression for Predicting Retail Employee Tenure and Turnover

Sommers Tucker, J., 2005
The Multilevel Effects of Occupational Stress on Counterproductive Work Behavior: A Longitudinal Study in a Military Context

Rechtsteiner, A., 2005
Multivariate Analysis of Gene Expression Data and Functional Information: Automated Methods for Functional Genomics

Srivannaboon, S., 2005
Linking Project Management with Business Strategy

Johnson, M., 2005
State-Based Systems Modeling: Theory, Implementation, and Applications

Fish, D., 2005
Metriplectic Systems

Eghtedari, A., 2005
Measuring the Benefits of Adaptive Traffic Signal Control: Case Study of Mill Plain Blvd Vancouver, Washington

Alvear, A., 2005
A Decision Model for Technology Assessment to Reduce the Digital Divide in Emerging Economies (Case: Costa Rica)

Cullen, J., 2005
The Effects of Work-Family Conflict and the Psychosocial Work Environment on Employee Safety Performance

Furrer, C., 2005
The Friendship Group Motivational System: Naturally-Occurring Resources and Liabilities during the Transition to High School


Liu, L., 2004
Employing Simulation and Optimizers to Optimize Experimental Design and Structural Topology

Marcus, S., 2004
Strategic Decision Making in Organizations that Value Financial, Social and Environmental Sustainability

Inman, O., 2004
Technology Forecasting with Data Envelopment Analysis

Kuang, D., 2004
Assessing Performance: Investigation of the Influence of Item-Context and Rater Personality

Xu, B., 2004
Metriplectic Representation of Finite Dimensional Dynamical Systems

Gerdsri, N., 2004
An Analytical Approach to Building a Technology Development Envelope (TDE) for Roadmapping of Emerging Technology

Shafiro, M., 2004
Effects of allocentrism, idiocentrism, social support, and Big Five personality dimensions on work-family conflict

Patanakul, P., 2004
A Decision Support Model for Project Assignments

Ho, C., 2004
Strategic Evaluation of Emerging Technologies in the Semiconductor Foundry Industry (Special Case: Semiconductor Foundry Industry in Taiwan)

Carletti, R., 2004
A Study of the Relationship between Education, Literacy, and Health

Fletcher, J., 2004
Fundamental Conditions for the Evolution of Altruism: Towards a Unification of Theories

Johnson, S., 2004
The Relationship of Parenting to Adolescent Problem Behaviors and Healthy Development: An Application of a Motivational Model of Development

Colton, C., 2004
The Role of Informal Organizational Work-Family Support in the Use of Formal Work-Family Support and Associated Outcomes


Roupe, D., 2003
Channel Category Managers' Interrelationships and New Product Development

Johnson, J., 2003
Employees' Justice Perceptions of Performance Appraisal Systems: Attitudinal, Behavioral, and Performance Consequences

Williams, Jr., G., 2003
An Evaluation of Public Construction Contracting Methods for the Public Building Sector in Oregon using Data Envelopment Analysis

Lewy, C., 2003
Health Care Attitudes: Does the Experience of Being a Standardized Patient Have an Effect?


Ewton, S., 2002
Assessment of the Impacts of E-Commerce Technologies on Overall Business Processes: An Analytic Delphi Process

Sanchez, R., 2002
The Role of Trust, Leader-Member Exchange, and Organizational Justice in Employee Attitudes and Behaviors: A Laboratory and Field Investigation

Roos, C., 2002
Numerical Modeling of Indoor Microenvironments With Experimental Validation

Brockwood, K., 2002
An Examination of Positive Work-Family Spillover Among Dual-Earner Couples in the Sandwiched Generation

Rosson, J., 2002
Multiplicative Invariants of Special 2-Complexes

McCall, M., 2002
Analysis of the Characteristics of a Large-Scale Reading Assessment

Forrester, J. L., 2002
Simple Stochastic Data Envelopment Analysis with Application to the Electric Utility Industry

Glode, J., 2002
Expanding the Justice Dilemma: A Comparison of Stakeholder Reactions to Personnel Selection Tools

King, S., 2002
Effective Leadership for Quality Achievement and Organizational Learning

Pandejpong, T., 2002
Strategic Decision Process for Technology Selection In the Petrochemical Industry


Martin, R., 2001
A Hybrid Model of the Software Development Process

Kwik, H., 2001
Value Drivers of Grocery Shopping: In Store vs. Internet

Vixie, K., 2001
Signals and Hidden Information

Burdon, M., 2001
Embedded 2-polyhedra with Regular Neighborhoods Which have Sphere Boundaries

Lim, H., 2001
The Effects of Web Operational and Strategic Factors on Marketing Performance

Sharp, D., 2001
Using the Unknown Risk Factor to Control Portfolio Returns

Reynolds, J., 2001
The Role of Social Support in Adjustment to Breast Cancer: The Importance of Support Congruency


Chen, Y., 2000
Relative Efficiency Asset Pricing: An Empirical Study

Shervais, S., 2000
Adaptive Control of a Multi-Echelon Inventory System

Schilmoeller, M., 2000
A Complete Invariant for Linear Dynamical Systems Under Output Feedback

Carey, S., 2000
Alternative and Allopathic Medicine: What Influences Patients' Choice of Health Care Practitioner

Louise, C., 2000
Systems Principles and Methodologies Within a New Research Paradigm: Assessing the Effects of Naturopathic Medicine

Huang, Y., 2000
A Model of Antecedents of Work-Family Conflict for Dual-Earner Couples in the Sandwiched Generation: A Longitudinal Study

Lii, y., 2000
A Study of Referencing Effects of Consumers' Price Judgments

Smith, M., 2000
The Role of Experiential Learning in Changing How People Think About Managing Business Organizations

Hunthausen, J., 2000
Predictors of Task and Contextual Performance: Frame-of-Reference effects and Applicant Reaction effects on Selection System Validity

Ben-Rechav, G., 2000
Relationship Selling and Trust: Antecedents and Outcomes


Abd. Razak, M.R., 1999
Identification, Evaluation, and Selection of Petroleum Exploration and Development and Reserve Acquisition Investments: U.S. Petroleum Companies

Neagoe, V., 1999
Topological Aspects of Shrinkage Estimators Optimized under Various Decision Criteria

Grigsby, T., 1999
The Impact of Work Context Factors on Part-Time Work Arrangements and Job Attitudes: Mediators, Moderators or Both?

Lyon, C., 1999
The Effects of Performance Feedback on Subsequent Ratings in Performance Appraisal Systems


Long, T., 1998
Technology Strategies in the U.S. Electronics Industry: An Exploratory Study

Carney, N., 1998
Patient-Guided Investigation of the Restoration of Health Following Traumatic Brain Injury

Zimmer-Gembeck, M., 1998
Negotiation and Reorganization of Peer Relationships During Adolescence: The Emergence of Romantic Relationships and Quality of Peer Relationships

Coulthard, P., 1998
The Quality-Achieving Behavior of Work Group Managers

Daim, T., 1998
Technology Evaluation and Acquisition Strategies and their Implications in the U.S. Electronics Manufacturing Industry


Eden, K., 1997
Selection of Information Technology in the Health Care Industry.

Todd, D., 1997
The Pursuit of Information-Based Competitive Advantage: An Exploration of the Use of Information Systems and Technology as a Strategic Asset

Costinescu, R., 1997
On the Transversal Geometry of Poisson Manifolds

Collier, P., 1997
Developing Prosocial Identities: A Control Systems Model

Cresap, D., 1997
Contributions in Survival Analysis: Estimation of Location and Scale using Cramer-von Mises Methods on Randomly Censored Data

Kempner, L., 1997
Longitudinal Impact Loading on Electrical Transmission Line Towers -- A Scale Model Study

Ash, J., 1997
Factors for Information Technology Innovation Diffusion and Infusion in Health Sciences Organizations: A Systems Approach


Zeiber, A., 1996
A Systems Approach for Rational Decision Making in Potential Strike Situations

McCormack, T., 1996
A Methodology for Regional Seismic Damage Assessment and Rehabilitation of Existing Buildings

Petersen, C., 1996
Salesforce Involvement in New Product Predevelopment Activities of High Technology Firms

Oosterhout, G., 1996
An Evolutionary Simulation of the Tragedy of the Commons

Heger, R., 1996
Value Measurement for New Product Category: A Conjoint Approach to Eliciting Value Structure

Anderson, D., 1996
The Identification Problem of Reconstructability Analysis: A General Method for Resolution of Local Inconsistencies and Estimation

Degens, P., 1996
Determinants and Impacts of Demand-Side Management Program Investment of Electric Utilities

Schwanz, J., 1996
A Model of Role Conflict, Role Ambiguity, and Personality Factors in Relation to Burnout in the Christian Ministry

Morehead, L., 1996
Determining the Factors Influential in the Validation of Computer-Based Problem Solving Systems

Chen, H., 1996
An Empirical Study on the Jump-Diffusion Two-Beta Asset Pricing Model


Zhou, S., 1995
The Development and Evaluation of Aggregation Methods for Group Pairwise Comparison Judgments

Lovell, B., 1995
A Taxonomy of Types of Uncertainty

McMinn, L., 1995
A Systems Analysis of Multicultural Sensitivity in Evangelical Christian Colleges

Lovell, B., 1995
A Taxonomy of types of Uncertainty

Neil, J., 1995
Tunnel One Generalized Satellite Knots

Ricks, M., 1995
A Survey and Analysis of Prehistoric Rock Art of the Warner Valley Region, Lake County, Oregon

Shu, H., 1995
Disequilibrium Transition of the Consumer Goods Market in China

Green, C., 1995
Social Support in an Urban Moroccan Neighborhood: The Effects of Social Networks, Mediation, and Patronage on the Physical Health and Psychological Adjustment of Women


Iyigun, M., 1994
A Group Decision Support System for Multiobjective Strategic R&D Portfolio Selection and Resource Allocation Using Probabilistic Tradeoffs

Lou, W., 1994
A Non-Decision-Reaching Decision-Making Process


Morrison, R., 1993
Evaluating the Effectiveness of Certain Metrics in Measuring the Quality of End User Documentation

Kibbey, R., 1993
Central America: An Attempt at Modern Economic Growth

Salazar Vargas, R., 1993
Dependency and Development in Central America

Perry, S., 1993
Distributed Economic Systems With Agents That Learn

DeJager, W., 1993
The Effects of Airline Deregulation on Airline Safety: an Econometric Analysis

Sisavic, F. M., 1993
Job Attribute Preferences of the Workforce in Polish High Technology Enterprises


Bathon, L., 1992
Probabilistic Determination of Failure Load Capacity Variations for Lattice Type Structures Bases on Yield Strength Variations including Nonlinear Post-Buckling Member Performance

Ostendorp, M., 1992
Improved Methodology for Limit States Finite Element Analysis of Lattice Type Structures using Nonlinear Post-Buckling Member Performance

Schumacher, T., 1992
Corporate Attitude Change: The Effects of Simulations Design and Individual Style

Garen, D., 1992
Modeling Techniques for Water Supply Forecasting in the Western United States

Gilmore, G., 1992
Identifying Quality Function Deployment's Variables, Outcomes, Their Relationships, and Guidelines for Practitioners in the American Automotive Industry


Evans, M., 1991
A Structural Model and Test of the Antecedents and Outcomes of Organizational and Professional Commitment

M. Al-Kadri., 1991
Freeway Control Via Ramp Metering: Development of a Basic Building Block for an On-Ramp, Discrete, Stochastic, Mesoscopic, Simulation Model within a Contextual Systems Approach

Mullery, C., 1991
A Structural Analysis of Corporate Political Activity: An Application of Euclidean Modeling to the Study of Intercorporate Relations

Khawaja, M., 1991
Mathematical Programming Approaches to the Discriminant Problem: A Comparative Investigation

Thompson, J., 1991
Development and Analysis of a Model for Change in the Workplace, Using Quasi-Experimentation with Computer Professionals in Northwestern Investor Owned Utilities


Tarr, S., 1990
The Knowledge Systems Transfer Project: A Multiple Perspective Investigation into the Integration of a New Technology Within a Business Unit


Farrimond, G., 1989
Strategic Implications of R&D Investment on Dynamic Business Systems

Sumner, J., 1989
An Analysis of the Effect of State Regulation of Commercial Income Tax Preparers on the Quality of Income Tax Returns

Davis, R., 1989
Organizational Inducements and Social Motives: A Game Theoretic Analysis


Kiehl, S., 1988
A Comparative Study of the Characteristics of High Technology Start-Up Firms

Shirazi, F., 1988
An Empirical Assessment of the Center-Periphery Hypothesis in International Economic Relations

Heiat, N., 1988
A Supply-Demand Model for OPEC Oil Pricing Policies

Clowes, B., 1988
Simplified Framework Evaluation of Large Water Project Impacts


Myoga, M., 1987
Comparisons of Total Factor Productivity in the U.S. Electric Utility Industry

Hosseini, J., 1987
Segment Congruence Analysis: An Information Theoretic Approach

Sapp, J., 1987
Electricity Demand Forecasting in a Changing Regional Context: The Application of the Multiple Perspective Concept to the Prediction Process

Mtundu, N.D., 1987
The Stochastic Behavior of Soil Moisture and its Role in Catchment Response Models

Heiat, A., 1987
An Econometric Study of an Oil-Exporting Developing Country: The Case of Iran


Xu, L., 1986
Fuzzy Multiobjective Mathematical Programming in Economic Systems Analysis

Brock, F., 1986
Enhanced Computer Graphics for Decision Makers


Attaran, M., 1984
The Relation of Economic Diversity to Levels, Growth Rates, and Stability of Unemployment and Income

Pearson, J., 1984
Forecasting Interest Rates Using Pattern Recognition Techniques

Miller, R., 1984
Enhancing Impact Assessment with Extrapolative Fiction

Khalaf, R., 1984
The Distribution of the Trade Effects of the Arab Common Market


Bidgoli, H., 1983
A Descriptive/Predictive Model for the Employment of Computer-Based Management Information Systems for the Government of a Developing Country--Case: Iran

LaViolette, P., 1983
Galactic Explosions, Cosmic Dust Invasions, and Climatic Change

Sexton, P., 1983
A Computer Decision Support System for Determining Equality of Educational Opportunity


Schwartz, D., 1981
Approximate Reasoning, Logics for Self-Reference and the Use of Nonclassical Logics in Systems Modeling

Black, J., 1981
FORTEL: A Telecommunications Forecasting System

Umbdenstock, L., 1981
The Perinatal Regionalization Project: A Study in Form and Development

Doyle, L., 1981
Explorations in the Development of a Descriptive Model of Strategic Business Planning


Bellerby, L., 1980
Patterns of Information System Growth in Community Mental Health Centers

Wilcox, D., 1980
Stability and Resilience in Business Systems


Nicol, G., 1979
Performance Theorems for the Resource Scheduling Functions of a Multi-Processing System


Nelson, B., 1977
The Statistical Manipulation of Delphi Statements

El-Iskandarany, 1977
An Investigation into the Elasticity of Demand for Motor Gasoline

Wakeland, W., 1977
Chance: A Probabilistic Model for Electrical Energy Planning

Tawfik, P., 1977
An Improved Approach for "Optimization" of Multiple Policy Objectives


Yee, K., 1976
Bayesian Inquiry: An Approach to the Use of Experts


Pope, D., 1974
Strategies and the Management of a Portfolio of Business Units


Sharma, K., 1973
A New Inquiring System for Technology


Foes, C., 1972
Complex Systems and the Price Resource