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Research: Systems Theory and Philosophy



  • Systems theory 
  • Systems philosophy
  • Philosophy of science
  • Science-religion dialog
  • Systems ideas and sustainability


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  • Zwick, M. (2010) "Symbolic Structures as Systems: On the Near Isomorphism of Two Religious Symbols." In Markus Locker, ed., Systems Theory and Theology: The Living Interplay between Science and Religion, pp.62-96, Eugene: Pickwick Publications. (pdf) This article is a longer version of the paper immediately below, published in Religion East and West, and also includes some systems-theoretic ideas.

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Relevant Courses

SYSC 521/621 Systems Philosophy

SYSC 510 Systems Ideas and Sustainability

PHL 570 Philosophy of Science



Martin Zwick

Other Faculty

(collaborating or with related interests)

Mark Bedau, Philosophy Dept., Reed College and SySc Adjunct Faculty

Hugo duCoudray, Emeritus, Psychology.  See his new systems-theoretic book, Mentius Nuncius: A Schema for Psychology.

Marek Perkowski, Electrical & Computer Engineering 

Tom Seppalainen, Philosophy

Meetings & Events

Transdisciplinarity and the Unity of Knowledge: Beyond the Science and Religion Dialogue, June 2 - 6, 2007 - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


Center for Cooperative Phenomena
Center for Systems Solutions
Principia Cybernetica
Monty Python - International Philosophy

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