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Research: Artificial Life and Theoretical Biology


Evolution of cooperation
(Fletcher, Zwick)

Structure and dynamics in cellular automata & random networks

Evolutionary simulations
(Bedau, Fletcher, Zwick)

Genetic algorithms
(Shervais, Zwick)

Random Boolean networks: reverse engineering, combinatorics, ensemble sampling


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  • Zwick, M. and Fletcher, J. (2014).  "Levels of Altruism." Biological Theory, March 2014, Volume 9, Issue 1, pp. 100-107: DOI 10.1007/s13752-013-0145-8.  (Abstract) (pdf) (journal format).  This paper is an updated and expanded version of the 2011 conference presentation below with the same title.
  • Zwick, M. and Fletcher, J. (2011) "Levels of Altruism." Presented at the Northwest Philosophy Conference, Lewis and Clark, Nov 4-5. (pdf)
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Relevant Courses

SYSC 557/657 Artificial Life

SYSC 552/652 Game Theory

ECE 559 Genetic Algorithms (also discusses Evolutionary Computation)

CS 410/510 NonStandard Computation

CS 441/541 Artificial Intelligence



Martin Zwick
Jeff Fletcher

Other Faculty

(collaborating or with related interests)

Mark Bedau (adjunct)
Garrison Greenwood ECE
Niles Lehman Chemistry
Melanie Mitchell, CS
Marek Perkowski, ECE
Radu Popa, Biology


John Myers
Steve Shervais , Ph.D SySc (PSU)

Meetings & Events

Artificial Life VIII: The 8th International Conference on the Simulation and Synthesis of Living Systems


ALife's Role in the Group Selection Debate Workshop, ALife VII Conference, Portland, Oregon 2000

ALife VII Conference

International Society For Artificial Life

ALife VI Conference

NovaGenetica The GA source

Reed ALife Project

CalTech:Avida Group

Genetic Algorithms and Artificial Life Resources

Artificial Life Syllabus

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