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Courses: SYSC 510: Data Mining with Information Theory



DMIT is a project-based course that offers you an opportunity to use information theoretic methods to analyze data. These models are implemented in a software package named OCCAM, developed at PSU, that will be the main analytical tool used in the course. The theory underlying these methods is taught in SySc 551/651Discrete Multivariate Modeling (DMM), but this course (DMIT) is stand-alone and does not have DMM as a prerequisite. Only the theory needed to understand the inputs and outputs of OCCAM will be presented, but OCCAM will be treated as a black box, so the algorithms that it implements will not be discussed. The point is to make it possible for you to do exploratory modeling on data of interest to you without having to master the underlying theory first. If you want to understand this theory, you can take DMM later, but this is not required.

Fall 2012 Announcement

Spring 2014 Syllabus