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List of All Graduate Courses

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Course NumberCourse NameInstructorTypical Term
SYSC 511 Systems Theory


Winter (odd years)
SYSC 410/510 Environmental Systems Modeling & Simulation  Wakeland Spring
SYSC 413/513 Holistic Strategies for Problem Solving 



SYSC 514 System Dynamics (online starting 2016) Wakeland Winter
SYSC 416/516

Systems Thinking for Business
[Intro Video]


Winter (even years)

SYSC 518 Sustainable Systems and Organizational Resilience Wakeland Spring (odd years)
SYSC 421/421H/521 Systems Philosophy Zwick Fall (odd years)
SYSC 423/523 Systems Ideas & Sustainability Zwick Infrequent
SYSC 525/625 Agent Based Simulation Wakeland Fall
SYSC 527/627 Discrete System Simulation Wakeland/Nielsen Spring (even years)
SYSC 529/629 Business Process Modeling & Simulation Wakeland Infrequent
SYSC 431/531 Data Mining with Information Theory Zwick Winter
SYSC 551/651 Discrete Multivariate Modeling Zwick Fall (even years)
SYSC 452/552 Game Theory Zwick/Fletcher/ Venkatachalapathy Infrequent
SYSC 553/653 Manufacturing System Simulation Wakeland Infrequent
SYSC 557/657 Artificial Life Zwick/Fusion Fall (even years)
SYSC 575 AI: Neural Networks I Fusion Infrequent