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Portland vying for $50M smart cities grants

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Portland is among seven cities still competing for a combined $50 million in funding from the federal Department of Transportation and Seattle-based investor Vulcan Inc.

The money aims to help create smarter cities.

The finalists were named over the weekend at the South By Southwest Interactive conference. Portland's fellow finalists are:


Columbus, Ohio.


Research Spotlight: Forks over Spoons

The Impact of Cutlery on Calorie Estimates

PopSci: At last, space brewer lets astronauts make real coffee in a cup

Read the original article at Popular Science.

Portland State University to host National Science Foundation Grants Conference

Portland State University will host the National Science Foundation (NSF) semiannual NSF Grants Conference at the Portland Marriott Downtown Waterfront hotel, Feb. 29 through March 1.

PSU's zero-G coffee brewer serves critical space station need

At the request of NASA astronaut Kjell Lindgren Portland State mechanical engineering graduate student Drew Wollman designed a method to brew coffee in a zero-gravity environment. His invention helps make life a little more bearable for coffee lovers in space.

Lindgren contacted Wollman and professor Mark Weislogel about developing the device after reading about the team's zero-gravity espresso cups in Wired Magazine's Most Cleverly Designed Objects of 2015.

Is this the Beginning of the End for the Serial Number?

With a novel algorithm and a high-resolution terahertz laser scanner, Dr. Suresh Singh might change the way we keep track of our most valuable possessions.
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A Model Fault

Assistant Professor Brittany Erickson develops computational models to simulate earthquakes and explore the geophysical processes associated with them.
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Portland's Heavy Metal Workshop

Portland State's Materials Research Laboratory: the one lab on campus where building bridges isn't just a metaphor.
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Developing Next Generation MRI Contrast Agents

Dr. Mark Woods' research takes him back and forth between PSU and OHSU as he develops new and more effective MRI contrast agents.
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Re-examining the Data in Concussion Research

Could advanced data mining reveal new insights into treatments for concussions? Systems Science Professor Martin Zwick is trying to show the way.
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