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Skyways to science

The University is sharing space in a new building on Portland's South Waterfront.

Alumni Achievement Award Honoree 2012: Travis Knight '98

Travis Knight '98, was the inagural recipient of the Simon Benson Award for Alumni Achievement.
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Looking Back: Spring 2014






Historic Leadership Change

A new, independent governing board is bringing focused and experienced oversight to the University. 

RAYLEEN MCMILLAN had five minutes and the full attention of the 15 people who will determine Portland State's future path: the new Board of Trustees.

Investing in a new worldview

Zombie Viruses

Viruses that 'come back to life' could lead to vaccines that last longer, are cheaper and easier to transport, and most importantly—save lives.

Faces of Caring

For its 50th anniversary, the School of Social Work celebrates the success of its alumni.

Sean Suib met Jeri Kiefel when she was 14 years old and living on the streets of Portland. She was one of the first teens to seek help at New Avenues for Youth, where Suib was a counselor. Kiefel came to trust Suib, but it took her three years to get off the streets. Today, at age 30, she has a good life, a full-time job and volunteers at New Avenues, where Suib—who earned a social work master's degree from PSU in 2000—is now executive director.

What people want

Launching a product is more complicated than you think.

CONGRATULATIONS! You've created a product—a brilliant, new, groundbreaking product. You just know the world will welcome it with open arms, and you're ready to launch it into the marketplace. So, what do you do next?

Writing for Salvation

Alumnus Mitchell Jackson found his voice and a path leading away from drug dealing and prison.


MITCHELL JACKSON stands at a podium in front of a group of hardened prisoners who are leaning back in their chairs, arms crossed, jaws stiff.

Athletics: Spring 2014