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Measuring the airborne toxicants urban bicyclists inhale

Read the original story at the American Chemical Society website.

"Breath Biomarkers to Measure Uptake of Volatile Organic Compounds by Bicyclists" published in Environmental Science & Technology.

Portland State study: urban cyclist uptake of air toxics can double in high-traffic areas

A Portland State University (PSU) study published in the new edition of “Environmental Science & Technology,” found Portland cyclists can inhale up to twice the concentration of air pollution on high-traffic streets than on low-traffic streets.

The concentration of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in cyclist breath after riding on streets with high vehicle traffic was 40 to 100 percent higher than on low-traffic routes. The ambient levels of VOCs on the high- traffic streets were 100 to 200 percent higher than on streets with less traffic.

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Oregonian: Lane of Naito Parkway could be permanently turned over to pedestrians, cyclists

Gwen Shaw is a civil engineering alumna who graduated in 2015. Read the original story at the Oregonian.

A summertime experiment that turned a lane of Naito Parkway over to cyclists and pedestrians could be made permanent underPortland Mayor Charlie Hales' proposed budget.