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How do I get my records and transcripts from the Center for Executive and Professional Education?

Unofficial transcripts for noncredit courses are available to view and print from the new Portland State Student Portal. For previous courses, please contact the Program Manager for the program you received your certificate.  For credit coursework, requests for an official transcript should be sent to: Transcript Office, Portland State University, PO Box 1389, Portland, OR 97207-1389. Unofficial transcripts can be printed off the PSU Information System.

What is the new policy regarding credit card payments for registration?

The Center for Executive and Professional Education at PSU has changed its policy regarding acceptance of credit card information. To protect against identity theft and to comply with new federal requirement, the Center for Executive and Professional Education no longer accepts credit card or Social Security information via phone, printed forms, in-person, fax, or email. We encourage students to register online, to mail registration forms along with a check or money order, or to call the Registration at 503-725-4832 for guidance and assistance.

What are the benefits of working with Portland State University for Professional Development?

  • Portland State University is a nationally recognized urban university with academic accreditation, which assures quality instruction. You have access to 600 University faculty, over 100 top business practitioners who share their knowledge through teaching, and the broadest range of subject matter to meet your training needs.

How can the Center for Executive and Professional Education programs help with career transitions?

Thousands of adult students nationwide have found that completion of formal training programs, such as our Executive and Professional Certificates of Completion, provide an important pathway to career transition. Participants list the following benefits among their reasons for choosing our programs:

An accredited four-year university guarantees program quality and continuity.
Cutting-edge knowledge and skills are taught by university faculty and business leaders.
The "for-credit" option for some courses smoothes the transition to a degree program.

Can I audit classes at the Center for Executive and Professional Education?

Per University policy, to attend any classes students need to register and pay for tuition and fees up front unless otherwise specified.

What are CEUs?

The Continuing Education Unit (CEU) is a nationally recognized method of quantifying the time spent in the classroom during noncredit learning. Ten hours of instruction equal one (1) CEU. The CEU provides a permanent record of the educational accomplishments of an individual who has completed significant noncredit educational and career-enhancement experiences.

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