Ridley Williams

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Scheduling Assistant, Office of Admissions & New Student Programs - Enrollment Management & Student Affairs

Tell us about yourself! Where are you from and what was your route to Portland State University?
I am originally from northern Idaho and moved to Portland to go to school at PSU. After a few years in the city I began suffering from serious nature withdrawals. After five years in the mountains (six months of which was spent in a cabin with no electricity), Portland was once again beckoning. I moved back in July 2013 to ultimately finish my degree at PSU. Little did I know that my employment at PSU would come first!

How long have you been working for EMSA and what positions have you had or currently have?
I worked a temp gig in the School of Social Work during the Fall term before I was hired as a Scheduling Assistant in the beginning of December 2013.

What is your major/degree (past or current) and why did you choose it?
Ultimately, I plan to get a Ph.D. in experimental psychology. I want to be a professor when I grow up.

What do you like about working at EMSA?
People seem to have a fun sense of humor to help them get through the days, no matter what comes their way.

What is a time you had the most fun on the job?
I am brand new so the real fun is yet to come!

What is your favorite weekend activity?
Board games with friends. Current favorite is Settlers of Catan.

Where is your favorite place in Portland and why?
Powell’s. Books. Need I say more?

What is the last book that you read?
Nina Here Nor There by Nick Krieger

If you could travel to any 3 locations, real or fictional, where would they be?
Alpha Centauri, Germany, and Sitka

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
(Still) working full time while (slowly) working towards a Ph.D. I will simultaneously wonder where the last 5 years went while suffering extreme déjà vu when asked this question again.

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