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Former Students

Jeff Tilton is a post bacc student earning a degree in environmental engineering with a focus in water resources. He is interested in social enterprise and how technology can be used to create a more equitable and sustainable future. Jeff was involved in aiding in the development of deployment models for the SWEETSense technology in future water treatment systems provided by SWEETLab’s private sector partners.

Anndee Huff is a Environmental Engineering undergraduate. Anndee has developed experience with control systems, drinking water treatment, and medical devices. Anndee was also the President of the American Water Works Association Student Chapter, and was the Vice-President of the Engineers Without Borders-USA Portland State University Chapter.

Evan Rhead was an undergraduate in mechanical engineering. His research activities included projects in Rwanda, Haiti, and Indonesia on oxygen concentrators, instrumented monitoring and water treatment.

Chad Norvell is an undergraduate student of civil engineering at Portland State University pursuing research in green building technology and sustainable international development. Current research focuses are the application of phase-change material to passive reduction of building energy use and methods of monitoring and evaluation of humanitarian projects in the developing world. A long-time member of and leader in Engineers Without Borders USA, Chad has worked to develop projects serving critical needs in Nicaragua and is working with similar organizations to do the same in Haiti and Bolivia.

Peter Kahn is a post-bac student in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Portland State University.  His research within the SWEET lab focuses on applications of structural and geotechnical engineering in developing communities with specific attention to the design, assessment and monitoring of rural pedestrian footbridges. This research is further enhanced by his years of experience as a commercial construction contractor in bush Alaska. Peter also performs complimentary research in the iStar (Infrastructure Testing and Applied Research) lab at PSU where he is working on a link column frame design for rapid return to occupancy of buildings after they have sustained a design level seismic event.

Dan Houck was a undergraduate  in the Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering. He holds a Bachelor of the Arts from St. John’s College, MD, where he double-majored in Philosophy and the History of Mathematics and Science and double-minored in Classics and Comparative Literature.  His research interests include renewable, sustainable, and alternative energy production, capture, and usage.  He was born and raised in Tempe, Arizona and misses the sun.  In his free time he enjoys gardening and homebrewing.

Gabe Garbarino has a background in secure telecommunications in the US Marine Corps where I served four years active duty as a Satellite Terminal Operator in the Middle East and South East Asia. I am currently a Junior in Portland State University’s Mechanical Engineering Program.  The research opportunities that interest me most lie in the development of energy systems for developing countries.  I like to think that research which serves to bring energy to those that need it most will positively influence the way energy needs are met for those in industrialized nations.

Austin S. Hudson is pursuing an undergraduate degree in Civil Engineering at Portland State University. Austin has lived in Oregon since 2006 where he enjoys being actively engaged in the community to shape the built environment and enhance social interactions. Most research with which he is involved addresses water treatment and management. His interests include bicycling, painting, camping, and cooking.

Betsy Gillard is a civil engineering undergraduate at Portland State University, with a focus in geotechnical engineering and hydrology.  Her current work in the SWEET Lab is improving the Bring Your Own Water system in Aguilar, Mexico with the addition of a coagulation and flocculation process.  Outside of the SWEET Lab, Betsy is collaborating on a water distribution project in Nicaragua with Engineers Without Borders PSU chapter.  She is president of EWB-PSU, and is also president-elect of PSU’s chapter of Chi Epsilon Civil Engineering Honor Society.

Stephen Forner has a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Entrepreneurship.  Stephen graduated in Spring 2011 with a M.S. in Mechanical Engineering.  His research looked primarily at the effectiveness and usage statistics of water treatment solutions in the developing world.  There are many opportunities to make this very opaque market into a much more information rich and therefore efficient place.  This helps organizations apply their limited funds to the neediest situations and be assured that the money is helping the most people.

Corey Munk is studying Mechanical Engineering and interested in sustainable engineering. He worked on a data collection system for the LifeStraw Family purification system.