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Community Spotlight: Q&A with Dominic Galen

Dominic Galen is an environmental engineering major who lives off mountains, Radio Lab, cold brew coffee, upcycling, thrift store treasures, art, rap, funk, punk, homemade cameras, low-tech solutions, cycling, skateboarding and being terrible at it, Oliver Sacks and Alan Watts, backpacking, social justice, conversations on equity, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, fashion blogs, monilophytes, and compost piles.

Carnivorous plants find home on PSU campus

This summer, students from the Garden Taskforce installed two species of carnivorous plants on campus. These amazing plants can be found in a planter box at the northwest corner of the library, just past the food cart pods.

Students uncover tale of landscape transformation on Oregon coast

The Astoria of today is a quirky tourist town perched along Oregon’s northernmost coastline. But it was once a booming center of industry. Mary Ann Rozance, along with a team of fellow students in the interdisciplinary National Science Foundation IGERT Ph.D. program at Portland State, set out to learn why the canning industry in the area went bust. What they found is a story of politically charged landscape alteration.

Mapping sustainability hot spots in Vietnam

Jessica Beutler, a PSU senior environmental studies major, spent 10 weeks in Vietnam over the summer as an intern with the Centre for Marinelife Conservation and Community Development as part of a project to spur sustainable development in Ha Long Bay.

Cultivating student success through PSU’s learning gardens

When picturing the university learning environment, a classroom with desks and four walls may be the first image that comes to mind. At PSU, we believe that education occurs throughout the campus life experience. We intentionally create opportunities for students to participate in enriching activities that complement their classroom studies. PSU’s campus gardens are one such place where students can “learn by doing.”

Community Spotlight: Q&A with Anna Dearman

Anna Dearman is a Southerner who aims to serve her home region with the knowledge she gains through PSU's urban and regional planning program and ISS' Sustainable Neighborhoods Initiative.

Student project diverts waste, builds community in SoMa Ecodistrict

This summer, as a student in Barry Messer’s Building EcoDistricts Senior Capstone course at Portland State University, I had the great pleasure of helping organize the first SoMa ReUse Fair and Community Share, which took place on Friday, August 1 in the PSU Urban Plaza. 

Locally grown, from the forest

Much attention is given to local foods and goods in Oregon, and that extends to the products we get from the forest. Oregon certainly has a long tradition of providing lumber, both within the state and around the world, but Oregon forests provide a host of other marketable goods and services worth exploring.