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Green Campus Living | Composting: What’s all the stink about?

Although some students here at PSU may be old pros at this whole composting business, to many of us the term remains shrouded in mystery. What is “composting”? Why should anyone care about it? Is it possible to do it on campus? And, most importantly, will it lend an unpleasant stench to my dorm room? (Spoiler alert: if you empty your compost pail regularly, it won’t stink!)

Getting outside the Portland bubble at the Net Impact Conference

Thanks to generous funding support, nine members of Portland State Net Impact were able to attend the Net Impact national conference in Minneapolis last November. Net Impact is a sustainability-focused nonprofit composed of student and professional chapters with a mission to create positive social and environmental change in the workplace and the world.

This is what community building looks like. Join us?

Hi, I’m Devin Burgoyne. During my first year at Portland State University, I volunteered with the Sustainability Leadership Center’s Garden Task Force and the experiences I cultivated contributed greatly to my transition as a SLC staff member.

Taking on displacement and gentrification effects in Cully

This blog post was written by Karri Benjamin, Julienna Cates, and Angela Spencer, students in the fall term Health and Social Inequalities class. Photos courtesy of Verde. 

Green Campus Living | Keep warm while staying green

Winter has arrived! Like it or not, it’s time to put on some hardcore wool socks and snuggle up with a hot beverage (and likely a textbook). This is the time of year when people love to crank up their thermostats to ward off the cold-weather blues, but it’s important to remember that there are other ways to keep warm that use up far less energy. This post is dedicated to clothing—the No. 1 way to stay cozy, comfortable, and eco-friendly all season long!

VIDEO | Architecture students design a healthier modular classroom

Portland State University architecture professors Margarette Leite and Sergio Palleroni saw the need for a healthier, greener modular classroom when their daughter attended class in one at her school. They brought the challenge to their architecture and engineering students at PSU, who came up with design ideas, met with officials, and pushed the project forward to see the SAGE—Smart Academic Green Environment—modular classroom built and launch in the marketplace in fall 2014.

Community Spotlight: Q&A with Tyler Prehn

Tyler Prehn is the energy education coordinator in the Campus Sustainability Office and a senior geography major born and raised in the Pacific Northwest. Find out what he thinks Oregon will be like in 50 years. (Hint: It involves tobogganists.)

Museum of the City gears up to expand its reach

The fact that Portland State University’s Museum of the City is virtual and completely online is fitting for an organization that aims to host exhibits about cities all over the world from cities all over the world—exhibits about cities’ past, present, and future. The walls of a typical museum would have trouble containing such wide-raging content, but the Web is an ideal home.

Green Campus Living | Recycling: Demystified

Though it’s one of the most fundamental parts of sustainable living, recycling can sometimes seem very complicated; when faced with the task of throwing things out, most of us find it hard to keep track of what goes where. Read on as the PSU EcoReps shed some light on this major component of Portland life, with helpful tips to make saving the planet a little easier.

Sustainable Neighborhoods Initiative class roster: Fall 2014

This fall, students in nine classes at Portland State are working with community partners through the Sustainable Neighborhoods Initiative on projects to make targeted areas of Portland—Living Cully, Foster Green, and the Lloyd EcoDistrict—more equitable, sustainable places to live, work, and play.