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Community Spotlight: Q&A with Jamie Valentine

Jamie Valentine is an M.S. Candidate in Educational Leadership and Policy with a focus on Leadership for Sustainability Education, a graduate assistant at the Institute for Sustainable Solutions focused on the Sustainable Neighborhoods Initiative, and a volunteer garden mentor for prison inmates.

Sustainability Leadership Links: Susan Anderson on Portland's future

This post, written by PSU students Sara Dueno and Amy Rathfelder is part of a series of leadership studies and interviews with leaders in sustainability development in Portland. This blog series is produced by students taking a senior seminar on civic leadership with Professor Kevin Kecskes at Portland State University.

This post is the fifth in this year's series. You can find other parts of the series here:

Highlights from a year of sustainability awesomeness (SLIDESHOW + VIDEO)

Thanks to everyone who made it out to the 9th Annual PSU Sustainability Celebration last week. It was an amazing party and featured the achievements from what has been an exciting year in sustainablity on campus and in our Portland community. 

Sustainability Leadership Links: Tom Kelly on equity in business

“For a moment, I thrived in his office—able to see the future he envisioned."

Sustainability Leadership Links:Wim Wiewel and Felipe Ferreira

When it comes to sustainability at Portland State University, leadership starts at the top, but permeates itself through the student body. From the eighth floor of the Market Center Building to the classrooms, everyone on campus can make a contribution.

Sustainability Leadership Links: Nathan Jones and Luke Bonham

Sustainability means different things to different people, like many conceptual terms its meaning changes based on who says it and in what context. Its root word is sustain, which means to be able continue. Sustainability through a civic leadership lens ultimately means to sustain human opportunity. More than surviving, it is a commitment to living sustainably to ensure that future generations have an equal opportunity to thrive in a healthy, happy community. To this goal two people have committed themselves: Nathan Jones of Green Lents and Luke Bonham of Rose CDC.

Sustainability Leadership Links: Joshua Todd and Mark Langseth

Sustainability work is not focused solely on an outcome but also on the process toward the outcome. The challenge, and reward, is to grapple with the difficulties of ecological design processes to fully integrate our educational institutions into the spatial environments of the communities and leverage their gifts and resources to strengthen the educational success of all students. This approach is foundational to equity, accessibility and collaboration in public work and discourse.

Class hits the road in study of Northwest Superfund sites

This spring Melanie Malone, Diana Denham and Mary Ann Rozance, PhD students from PSU's IGERT program—a National Science Foundation-funded interdisciplinary program focused on studying ecosystem services for urbanizing regions—offered a unique interdisciplinary course on urban rivers.

Taking composting on the road through the 7 Wonders of Oregon

It all started with a simple question at a staff training trip: “what should we do with these food scraps?” After the seed had been planted, the PSU Outdoor Program (part of the Rec Center) and the Campus Sustainability Office partnered to implement some new ways to compost, recycle, and educate participants about sustainable actions.

Students shine as recycling experts at the Port of Portland

Working at the Port of Portland through PSU's Community Environmental Services program, Grace Stainback has become a bit of a recycling celebrity.