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Community Spotlight: Q&A with Manar Alattar

My name is Manar Alattar. I am a Ph.D. student at Portland State University in the School of the Environment. I am also the new food diversion coordinator in the Campus Sustainability Office! My work and research focus on compost process efficiency (greenhouse gas emissions, carbon/nitrogen endpoints, compost fertilizer efficiency, etc.) as well as community engagement in composting and food diversion. It’s super fun stuff!

Goats, alleys, and stealth sustainability

Portlanders love goats. Developers have figured this out and are naming a huge east side building project after the beloved goats—who of course have their own website—that used to hang out on the formerly vacant lot. 

Community Spotlight: Q&A with Elyse Cogburn

Hello! I’m Elyse Cogburn, and I am a recent graduate (spring 2015) with a Bachelor’s of Science in Environmental Studies and Geography. At my time at Portland State University, I have been involved with many organizations and committees around campus. Outside of the Portland State University community, I am involved with 350PDX and Rising Tide. I also have an amazing job working for REI educating members about the great outdoors! I am also a catmom to the best fluffy sidekick a girl could ask for, Arya

Sustainability Leadership Links: Chas Lopez and Anita Yap

In mid May I had the opportunity to interview two community leaders. The first, Chas Lopez, Interim Chief Diversity Officer at Portland State University and the second, Anita Yap, APANO Board of Directors and (at the time of the interview) a candidate for the PCC Board of Directors in Zone 3. (Anita ultimately lost to Michael Sonnleitner in a close race.)

Sustainability Leadership Links: Victor Merced and Jalene Littlejohn

Although their organizations differ in the way they operate to support their communities, both Victor and Jalene are clearly passionate about their work and recognize the significance in building strong relationships.

VIDEO | Be the Change: Sustainability at PSU

At Portland State University, we believe our students can help society address its most complex challenges and create a better, more sustainable world. In fact, they already are.

Sustainability Leadership Links: Jackie Dingfelder and Heather Spalding

This post, written by PSU students Geoffrey Janke and Dana Kinney, is part of a series profiling a range of leaders in sustainable community development. The series is produced by students taking a senior seminar on civic leadership with Kevin Kecskes, associate professor of public administration. 

Sustainability Leadership Links: Ashe Urban and Ben Duncan

What does sustainable community leadership look like in practice? Who are the local Portlanders leading social change, and what does a day in their shoes look like? To answer these questions, we set out to interview two such community leaders.

Sustainability Leadership Links: Nick Sauvie and Nöelle Studer-Spevak

As Portland State University students pursuing our Civic Leadership Minor our professor, Kevin Kecskes, found it important that we go out and meet leaders in the community that contribute to community sustainability. We were sent out to see what they do and what makes them so good at it. The task felt slightly intimidating at first. We were going out to interview Nick Sauvie of Rose Community Development and Nöelle Studer-Spevak of Central Northeast PDX Childhood Literacy Initiative.

On a mission to change the world

At sunset on Saturday, April 11, a cohort of Changemaker Campus students gathered around a fire on Mission Beach in San Diego, California to roast s’mores and celebrate the deep connections they had formed during the first Changemaker Student Summit at the University of San Diego.