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Green campus

Digging Deeper into Portland State’s Waste

During the spring term, three Freshman Inquiry (FRINQ) classes dug a little deeper into sustainability on Portland State’s campus by conducting waste audits of several of the university’s buildings. I

VIDEO: Smart food choices

Many of us think about our food choices in terms of how they impact our personal health, which is significant. But our food choices also greatly impact the environment and the people that grow our food. The good news is this: many farms, fisher people, and food businesses are increasingly using methods to grow and produce food that limit environmental impacts, support the health and well-being of consumers and producers, and pay fair wages to workers.

Bike to PSU Challenge begins May 1

It’s that time again—time for the Bike to PSU Challenge. Sign up for the free competition today as a solo rider or start a team and invite others to join. The challenge runs May 1-May 31.

VIDEO | Fortified: True Stories of Climate Action

An executive, a student, a diversity strategist, a tribal leader, an activist, and a veteran—they’re all taking on climate change. And they all came together at Portland State University this winter to share a live story about their efforts at an event called Fortified: True Stories of Climate Action. Missed the event? Not to worry—we filmed it just for you.

Cultivate personal sustainability this spring

“The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak.” - Hans Hoffman On April 22, we will celebrate Earth Day! When you consider the health of the earth, do you think about how your personal well-being supports sustainability? Each day, we breathe air, drink water, and eat food that literally is the earth. From our bodies, these life elements then continue cycling through the earth’s living systems. Each of us also participates in social, cultural and economic systems. By creating personal balance and health, we are supporting sustainability.

PSU Earth Week 2014

You could consider the Columbia River Gorge as Earth Day’s cradle. In 1970, Denis Hayes, a 25-year-old native of Camas, Wash., planned the first Earth Day celebration. This April, students will host Portland State University’s 7th Annual Earth Day Festival, an entire week chock-full of speaker panels, workshops, film screenings, and hands-on activities exploring and celebrating the environment.

Community Spotlight: Q&A with Alejandra Zamudio

Q&A with Alejandra Zamudio, student, artist, social sustainability advocate and volunteer.

Community building—one earthen bench at a time

The Portland-based nonprofit City Repair hosts an annual ten-day placemaking festival called the Village Building Convergence (VBC). This “festival” combines crowd-sourced activism, creative community development, and hands-on education and celebration. This year’s festival will take place between May 23 and June 1.

Food Systems Event Series: Strengthening Community, Building Capacity

It’s difficult to dispute that there’s a connection between healthy food and healthy people. Groups of policy makers and organizational leaders, faith based communities and neighborhood coalitions are all recognizing this relationship, and developing strategies for envisioning and creating healthier, more equitable communities. Join us this April and May for a four-session series of events that explore the connection between food, health, and community.