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Content related to sustainability education at PSU, especially coursework and experiential learning.

Finding a path toward diversity in sustainability

“Equity, diversity, and inclusion in the sustainability movement—that’s the only way I see forward,” said Marcelo Bonta, founder and executive director of the Center for Diversity and the Environment, at Portland State University last week. Speaking candidly about his own experience working in the environmental field as a man of Filipino descent, Bonta addressed issues around the lack of diversity in the U.S. environmental movement.

Cracking the energy nut at BPA: A student team's journey

In May 2013, the Bonneville Power Administration requested a team of graduate students at Portland State University’s Master’s of International Management program to assess BPA’s energy practices. 

The end of cheap food begs new food politics

The global food system is under unprecedented strain, buffeted by rising oil prices, erratic weather patterns, soaring demand, and shocking waste, but Hugh Campbell doesn’t want you to head for the hills just yet. 

“We need to enact positive politics,” he urges. 

PSU welcomes sustainability Ph.D. students from across the nation

“What you’re getting is very rare, and all of you are very lucky.” Richard Boone, a program director for the National Science Foundation, said these words to a group of Ph.D. students from universities across the country. The 33 students, all recipients of prestigious IGERT awards from the National Science Foundation, gathered at Portland State University to exchange ideas and collaborate on sustainability research during a four-day conference from September 26-29.

What we study when we study sustainability: Fall term

As we often say, sustainability at Portland State doesn’t live in just one department or thrive in just one school, it is embedded across the University in our curriculum, our operations, and our student activities. So where do you go if you want to take a class in sustainability?

School of Architecture’s Mat Lab shares lowdown on discarded escalator handrails

Hard to imagine when you’re catching a ride up, but some 10 tons of used escalator handrails end up in Portland-area landfills each year.

VIDEO | Students explore sustainable neighborhoods

In spring 2013, four University Studies Freshman Inquiry classes partnered with EcoDistricts around Portland to give students the opportunity to get on-the-ground experience with neighborhood-scale sustainability efforts. This is the story of one of those classes.

Indigenous gardens regenerate communities

On July 15, Portland State students planted camas bulbs at the PSU Oak Savannah. The restoration on this site of this traditional food, camas, and the collaboration with Metro and the Tribal/Native American community to dig these bulbs for replanting in other gardens is historically and culturally significant, coming full circle, regenerating a revered “First Food” and source of carbohydrate for Indigenous People.

Workshop inspires new sustainable neighborhood partnerships

“Building communities for our children’s future.”

“Not everyone can afford organic food.”

“The coal industry endowed my education.”

“No city can survive without water.” 

FRINQs in the EcoDistricts: South Waterfront

Fifteen years ago, Portland’s South Waterfront district was little more than a semi-vacant industrial brownfield. Today, as a designated urban renewal area and one of Portland’s pilot EcoDistricts, it has become what developers claim is the largest green development in the country. PSU students in Leslie Batchelder’s Freshman Inquiry course spent their spring term delving into the transformation of this Portland neighborhood.