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Community spotlight

Community Spotlight: Q&A with Anna Dearman

Anna Dearman is a Southerner who aims to serve her home region with the knowledge she gains through PSU's urban and regional planning program and ISS' Sustainable Neighborhoods Initiative.

Community Spotlight: Q&A with B.D. Wortham-Galvin

B.D. Wortham-Galvin is an assistant professor with a trio of fascinating projects on the go.

Community Spotlight: Q&A with Renée Bogin Curtis

Renée Bogin Curtis is sustainable systems project manager at PSU’s Community Environmental Services and a Ph.D. candidate in urban studies.

Community Spotlight: Q&A with Kenzie Eiden

Q&A with Kenzie Eiden, graduating senior, student garden coordinator, community builder.

Community Spotlight: Q&A with Thad Miller

The future of urban sustainability: Q&A with Thad Miller, assistant professor of Urban Studies and Planning.

Community Spotlight: Q&A with Alejandra Zamudio

Q&A with Alejandra Zamudio, student, artist, social sustainability advocate and volunteer.

Community Spotlight: Q&A with Alex Accetta

Recreation and sustainability: Q&A with Alex Accetta, director of Campus Rec, dad, husband, ally, cyclocrosser (is that a word?), spin Instructor, past DJ, Michael Franti and John Butler Trio fan, believer in the possibilities of humanity.

Community Spotlight: Q&A with Pam Campos-Palma

Q&A with Pam Campos-Palma, Air Force veteran, political science student, director of Las Mujeres resource center, and sole student-voting member of PSU's newly established Institutional Governing Board of Trustees.

Community Spotlight: Q&A with Sergio Palleroni

Green design for the down-and-out: Q&A with Sergio Palleroni, professor of architecture and director of the new Center for Public Interest Design at PSU.

Community Spotlight: Q&A with Tony Hair

Waste not: Q&A with Tony Hair, waste management coordinator for the PSU Campus Sustainability Office.