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Sustainability Leadership Series

The Sustainability Leadership Series is a new addition to the 2013 Solutions Generator program. Students on awarded project teams are eligible to apply into the Sustainability Leadership Series. Up to 25 students will be accepted into the program this year and will receive Educational Leadership and Service Awards (ELSAs). Students must participate in the Sustainability Leadership Series to receive an ELSA.

Students selected for the Sustainability Leadership Series will meet as a group 10 times between January 7 and June 7, 2013. The focus will be on developing sustainability leadership knowledge and practice while using the participants’ projects as the applied context for the group’s collaborative learning. It will be an opportunity to share resources, challenges, successes, and strategies while also exploring questions and emerging theories of what distinguishes sustainability leadership from other forms of leadership. Weekly themes may include ecological design, holistic sustainability, leadership models, social change theories, systems principles, facilitating dynamic teams, collaborative partnerships, and place-based leadership. Members of funded project teams need to apply by January 2, 2013.

An application will be available by December 11 once the funded project teams are announced.

Students who are not on a funded Solutions Generator team but are interested in participating in the Sustainability Leadership Series may be able to participate pending availability of spaces in the series, eligibility, and relevancy of the application (i.e. all participants need to have a project of some sort to which they are applying their leadership practice). Please contact the program coordinator if you are interested at

For more information about ELSAs, see the 2013 Call for Solutions.