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by Carson Gorecki April 4, 2016

How can a people make their neighborhood more livable while keeping it affordable? And what does "livability" really mean?

by Matthew Harada April 4, 2016
This past winter term, I finished my senior capstone in Celine Fitzmaurice’s Grant Writing for Environmental Advocacy. Over the course of the term, students in the class delved into the intricacies of the grant writing process, from finding a suitable funder, to working with the grant-seeking organization to refine its concept of the community need it seeks to meet, to assembling a thorough and complete grant proposal.
by Laura Gleim April 1, 2016
Join Portland State’s Environmental Club to celebrate Earth Week 2016 with a series of free events on campus. All events are free and open to all.
by Genevieve Harding March 31, 2016

This spring, the PSU Living Lab program is connecting with eight classes and two groups of passionate student volunteers and interns to tackle 12 different sustainability projects that link campus operations and education.

by Daniel McNeme March 8, 2016
How many cell phones have you owned over the last year? Laptops, tvs, and tablets? Technology now develops at a much quicker rate than we’ve ever seen, and with these rapid innovations more and more e-waste is being produced.