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by Christina Williams September 10, 2014

Last month, Portland State's inderdisciplinary Trees and Health team published research in the academic journal Environmental Pollution illustrating the clear

by Heather Spalding September 9, 2014
When picturing the university learning environment, a classroom with desks and four walls may be the first image that comes to mind. At PSU, we believe that education occurs throughout the campus life experience. We intentionally create opportunities for students to participate in enriching activities that complement their classroom studies. PSU’s campus gardens are one such place where students can “learn by doing.”
by Christina Williams September 8, 2014

The largest annual conference focused on sustainability in higher education is coming to Portland next month. 

by Anna Dearman September 4, 2014
Anna Dearman is a Southerner who aims to serve her home region with the knowledge she gains through PSU's urban and regional planning program and ISS' Sustainable Neighborhoods Initiative.
by Wim Wiewel August 25, 2014
With half the world’s population of seven billion now living in urban or rapidly urbanizing areas, any path to sustainability will have to negotiate the complexities and contradictions that define the modern city. Resilient yet damaging, cities hold the keys to an uncertain future. The disappearance of traditional community anchors has left a void in our cities, which are otherwise well-positioned to address global sustainability dilemmas. This is the opportunity of the 21st century for our urban universities: to employ their missions of education and service in solving these challenges while creating equitable economic opportunities for city denizens.