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by Grant Neely October 30, 2012
Hailed by Mayor Sam Adams as the largest gathering in the western hemisphere focused on neighborhood-scale sustainability, last week’s EcoDistricts Summit at Portland State University was a milestone in the field of urban innovation.
by Cindy Cooper September 25, 2012
This fall, PSU has been selected to join the Ashoka U Changemaker Campus consortium: a select group of institutions of higher education that demonstrate commitment and cutting-edge approaches to galvanizing solutions to major human and environmental challenges.
by David Matthew N... September 6, 2012
This summer, I decided to do something drastic. Something I had never really considered before—I took summer classes! And I do not regret it one bit. I took a class called Oregon Farmscapes—a four-day adventure as we circumnavigated Mt. Hood and the Portland metro region to investigate agricultural issues in our great state of Oregon.
by Emily Dietrich August 15, 2012
From July 31 through August 3, the Ecosystem Services Partnership hosted its fifth annual international conference in Portland. With more than 350 participants from 47 different countries, the conference represented the growing global interest in ecosystem services—ways of valuing nature’s benefits in order to preserve them for present and future generations.
by Grant Neely August 9, 2012
Teetering on the edge of graduation—once thought of as a spring board to opportunity, now considered the edge of a vast precipice—I had to ask myself, why? Why was I in Nevada City living in a tent for two weeks?
by Angela Hamilton August 7, 2012
Coauthored by Angela Hamilton and Heather Spalding. In June, we ventured to Tampa, Florida for the NASPA Student Affairs Professionals Assessment and Persistence Conference. More than we ever could have imagined, it opened our eyes to the multitude of opportunities available to bridge sustainability and Student Affairs.