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by Laura Gleim February 6, 2015
Ever wondered what it would be like to work as an urban planner in China? I have one word for you: naptime. That’s right, according to six Portland State Master of Urban and Regional Planning students who did internships through the PSU-China Innovations in Urbanization program last summer, professionals in China get a designated naptime after lunch (along with a pullout bed in their office to facilitate said nap). Whaaat? That. Sounds. Awesome.
by Mark Sytsma February 3, 2015

Water is one of those needs so basic that its role in a sustainable ecosystem touches almost everything we study at Portland State.

by Irene Bailey January 30, 2015
Irene Bailey is a graduate student in the Leadership for Sustainability Education program who once bought a sailboat with two other women and navigated the high seas from Ventura, California to the Sea of Cortez in Mexico.
by Thea Kindschuh January 29, 2015
Portland State's Reuse Room, Mug Runners, and Pop-Up Swaps are three of the ways we make reuse on campus easy. Check out the video above to learn about three of PSU’s reuse programs. Give, take, share!
by Thaddeus Miller January 23, 2015
This month, academic publisher Routledge released a new book by Portland State University’s Thaddeus Miller, assistant professor at the Toulan School of Urban Studies and Planning and an Institute for Sustainable Solutions Fellow. “Reconstructing Sustainability Science” takes on the fundamental challenges faced by a traditional scientific approach when dealing with the complex and thorny problems of sustainability.
by Olivia Clarke January 13, 2015
Although some students here at PSU may be old pros at this whole composting business, to many of us the term remains shrouded in mystery. What is “composting”? Why should anyone care about it? Is it possible to do it on campus? And, most importantly, will it lend an unpleasant stench to my dorm room? (Spoiler alert: if you empty your compost pail regularly, it won’t stink!)