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by Ruby Buchholtz May 12, 2016
It all started with a simple question at a staff training trip: “what should we do with these food scraps?” After the seed had been planted, the PSU Outdoor Program (part of the Rec Center) and the Campus Sustainability Office partnered to implement some new ways to compost, recycle, and educate participants about sustainable actions.
by Christina Williams May 10, 2016

Working at the Port of Portland through PSU's Community Environmental Services program, Grace Stainback has become a bit of a recycling celebrity. 

by Christina Williams May 6, 2016
Drones have a growing and sometimes dubious reputation, but a new research project is putting drones to work to add more muscle behind environmental restoration policy.
by Olyssa Starry May 2, 2016
Olyssa Starry is an assistant professor of urban ecology at the Portland State University Honors College working on several research projects with students right now that all use greenroofs as model systems for understanding urban ecology.
by Jamie Valentine April 7, 2016
This spring, the Sustainable Neighborhoods Initiative (SNI) is working with 10 classes to connect students with community partners to explore local sustainability issues. The SNI facilitates collaborations with community partners and organizations to provide community-based learning for students. These opportunities provide students hands-on opportunities to learn while adding capacity to local organizations. What will students be up this spring? Read on for the details.
by Eric Rutledge April 4, 2016
I am Eric Rutledge, a first year Master of Urban Regional Planning candidate at Portland State University. I have a passion for landscapes—urban and rural—and the people that inhabit them. I express this passion by learning more about cities and regions in academic and professional settings, but also informally through travel, reading, and conversation.