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Pathways to Sustainability Careers

At Portland State, we are committed to preparing our students to be competitive and effective in a quickly evolving world where the skills associated with critical thinking, problem solving, and sustainability are in high demand.

Many opportunities across the University contribute to the success of students in their post-graduation careers. While traditional internship programs are extremely valuable in preparing students for work, they are just one element in a variety of experiences needed to build career-ready skills. Collaborative problem solving, project-based learning, experience with systems thinking, and effective communication across diverse perspectives are vital skills that can be developed through a variety of curricular and co-curricular activities at Portland State.

The emerging Pathways to Sustainability Careers initiative will help students chart their own preparatory course that will allow them to confidently enter the workforce as future-oriented professionals adept at grappling with complex problems.

Pathways to Sustainability Careers will enhance and connect multiple student opportunities on campus, including sustainability-related courses and certificate programs, student leadership training initiatives, and student employment and research opportunities. We’ll also uncover opportunities to fill student-experience gaps to better position our graduates for success.

Stay connected with us for updates on this emerging program. For more information contact Jennifer Allen.