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Our Living Laboratory

Transforming our Place as we Learn

We define living lab as a given place where problem-based teaching, research, and applied work combine to develop actionable solutions that make that place more sustainable. For PSU’s campus living lab, this requires a joint commitment from students, faculty, staff, and local residents to design, implement, adapt, and teach new approaches that address issues of equity, economy, and ecology.

 Living lab projects at PSU have these criteria:

  1. Place: Reflect a commitment to our campus and neighborhood.
  2. Sustainability: Strive to implement lasting change to make our place more resource efficient, equitable, and ecologically balanced, acknowledging a resource-finite world.
  3. Teaching: Provide results-oriented learning opportunities for students.
  4. Fit: Support PSU’s sustainability vision and advance campus and neighborhood priorities.
  5. Adaptive: Take an open-ended approach where ongoing assessment, capturing, and reporting contribute to the collective knowledge base and improves future projects.
  6. Engagement and Action: Foster deep engagement with core community members that leads to meaningful on-the-ground project implementation.

To learn more or get involved, contact Fletcher Beaudoin, assistant director of the Institute for Sustainable Solutions, at