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Research and Curriculum Funding Criteria

The Institute for Sustainable Solutions provides catalytic funding to initiate and accelerate PSU research and curriculum that has the potential to create lasting impact in our community. 

Funding requirements:

  • Only PSU faculty and staff are eligible to apply.
  • Proposals must be clear, accurate, and complete, and include a transparent and reasonably estimated budget.

Preference given to projects that:

  • Align with one of ISS’ focal research areas (Urban Sustainability, Ecosystem Services, and Social Determinants of Health) or emerging priority areas (currently Food Systems and Energy). 
  • Collaborate with community partners to identify and address a community need. 
  • Involve interdisciplinary faculty teams.
  • Provide learning and leadership opportunities for students (such as GRA appointments).
  • Show potential to produce additional opportunities or outcomes (such as other grant proposals or journal publications).
  • Have other sources of funding to support the project.
  • Are from faculty who have not previously received ISS funding within the current fiscal year. 

Application deadlines:

Applications are due the last day of the month. If the last day is a weekend or holiday, applications are due the following Monday. Follow-up questions and/or award notification will be made by email approximately two weeks after the application due date.

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