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Envisioning Background Material

The following materials provide useful background information for the envisioning process at PSU.

The Next Big Step (2010). This report details the outcomes of a daylong session to discuss the “Next Big Step” in sustainability for PSU.

PSU's Climate Action Plan (2010).This document states an overall vision for achieving carbon neutrality by 2040 at PSU. The plan outlines immediate goals and actions for reaching that vision. President Wim Wiewel signed the document on May 24th, 2010.

University District Framework Plan (2010).  This plan looks at 25 years of growth for the physical campus. The plan was conducted over 2 years and involved hundreds of people including City and neighborhood people, students, faculty, staff, local businesses, etc.

Declaration of support for sustainability at Portland State University (PSU) (2004). This document was the initial commitment in support of sustainability that came from students, faculty, staff and administration at PSU.  

James F. and Marion Miller Foundation proposal for establishing a "World Class Center for Sustainability at Portland State University". This document is the proposal that would eventually be funded by the Miller Foundation. It outlines the programmatic areas that the Institute for Sustainable Solutions (formerly the Center for Sustainable Processes and Practices) would pursue if given the 10-year grant.

Published paper on the envisioning process at the University of Vermont (2009). "Envisioning helps promote sustainability in academia". This paper outlines the data collection process (surveys, emails and an envisioning event) that the University of Vermont (UVM) used to gather information about how people envision UVM in 2020. The data was then used to form a vision narrative, sustainability charter, as well as guide a range of initiatives.

Portland 2030: a vision for the future (2008). This report was generated from a City-supported, community-led initiative to create a vision for Portland for the next 20 years and beyond.

Metro’s “Making the Greatest Place” (2009). This document provides an overview of the regional vision for “Making the Greatest Place” in the Portland Metro region, including values established in the 2040 Growth Concept.

Strategic plan for the Institute for Sustainable Solutions (formerly the Center for Sustainable Processes and Practices) (CSP2) (2009). The Corragio Group was brought on to develop a report that outlines a strategic focus for CSP2. The report contains the details of this process.