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EcoReps Program

EcoReps are sustainability leaders within our residence halls. They educate their peers about sustainability issues and promote socially just and environmentally responsible behaviors. EcoReps distribute resources, design innovative projects, and create, coordinate, and host activities in their residence halls. They promote the philosophy that we can, and do, make a difference!

Focal points of the program include:

  • Mindful consumption and purchasing  
  • Community building
  • Reducing, upcycling, and recycling
  • Social sustainability and equity
  • Food systems and composting
  • Energy conservation

Throughout the year, the EcoReps team will host a variety of outreach and education programs which include Fair Trade Trick or Treat (fall term), Campus Conservation Nationals (winter term), personal projects (spring term), film screenings, surveys, and workshops. EcoReps meet for two hours each week for trainings focused on sustainability, leadership, career development, and more, as well as to plan events, programs, and projects. EcoReps also meet at least once per term to socialize and explore Portland and its surrounding natural areas. Attendance at these excursions is not required, but encouraged. 

What past EcoReps have to say:

It feels great to finally fit in somewhere at the University. I used to be so shy and reserved and not confident, but this program has really helped me overcome those issues. It showed me how to be a leader and how to put my ideas into actions.

— Sam Houston, EcoRep 2013-14

Being part of the EcoReps was wonderful for me. These guys are awesome and they are always available to help you. 

— Lucas dos Santos Sousa, EcoRep 2014-15

This experience allowed me to think of how my actions impact those around me.

— Myeisha Earl, EcoRep 2014-15

Want to be an EcoRep? Applications are accepted each fall. Questions? Contact us at