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Pathways to Sustainability Careers

At Portland State, we are committed to preparing our students to be competitive and effective in a quickly evolving world where the skills associated with systems thinking, problem solving, and sustainability are in high demand.

Our approach encourages students to chart a path through a variety of sustainability-related programs—both inside and outside the classroom—to gain experiences that will allow them to confidently enter the workforce as professionals adept at grappling with complex problems. Experiences offered through sustainability-related courses and certificate programs, internships, student leadership and volunteer activities, student employment, and community-focused research projects are extremely valuable in preparing students for careers that promote social equity, ecological balance, and economic prosperity.

Click through the Prezi below to explore our programs and chart your own path toward a changemaking sustainability career. Download an accessible PDF transcript of the Prezi here.

Find more resources on the Careers in Sustainability page, and register on CareerConnect to get access to current job and internship postings from PSU Career Services. 

For advising, contact Mary Vance, career counselor for sustainability, at (503) 725-4972 or

Read more about PSU’s integrated approach to preparing students for success in their future careers in the following article: Pathways to Sustainability Careers: Building Capacity to Solve Complex Problems, written by staff at the PSU Institute for Sustainable Solutions and published by Sustainability: The Journal of Record.

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