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Ecosystem services is a powerful concept, highlighting the interconnectedness and interdependencies between human and natural systems. However, it is also an intensely complex topic, which makes it hard to communicate effectively to stakeholders.  Since a major element of ecosystem services approaches hinge on the ability to effectively engage stakeholders to understand these complex interconnections, effective communication becomes a crucial first step— one that that can lead to success and acceptance, or disinterest and rejection.  An emerging focus area for CaESP relates to effectively communicating ecosystem services topics to a variety of different stakeholders.  CaESP leadership is planning a workshop for fall of 2014, which will engage a wide array of stakeholders to identify key communications strategies and guides for the topic of ecosystem services.

A major role of CaESP is to identify important discussions or new connections that need to be made in order to advance the regional ecosystem services community.  If there is significant interest from a regional practitioners, researchers or one of the executive committee members to investigate an important issue, the CaESP administration can help to provide supplementary researcher, technical assistance or logistics, and facilitation for group meetings to help these ideas emerge into projects and ongoing conversation topics.