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Vision and Mission

To facilitate and enhance student learning and success through intentionally connecting parts of the student experience into a whole. 

To enrich and complement student learning by providing opportunities for involvement in meaningful activities within the University community and the larger urban community. 

To provide services that facilitate a student's transition to the University and remove barriers to student success.

Pathways to and into the University

Pathways to and into the University are necessary to ensure educational opportunity and student success. Pathways include those programs, services and activities that increase the likelihood that a potential student will enroll and succeed.  It includes the articulation of a mission-aligned enrollment management plan, sustained financial resources for students, pre-college programs and effective community college and university partnerships. This also includes outreach to industry, local and global communities. Strong pathways also include student transition programs such as campus visits, new student orientation, new student support, and family outreach.

Academic and Career Success

The academic experience is at the core of a student’s life. Students often judge their success at the University by their academic and career achievements. Academic and career support includes those specifically cultivated relationships with faculty, career development programs and academic advising services that increase the likelihood that students will realize their academic and career goals. Services also include accommodations for disabilities, academic support, tutoring, mentoring, academic skill building, and educational equity enhancement programs.

Engagement and Support within the University Learning Community

Engagement and community are fundamental to student success.  Supportive living, learning and social communities form to accomplish various purposes.  It is through these community affiliations, on and off campus, that students can experience a sense of belonging and receive support needed for their success. Affiliations can also provide identity anchors for students from various backgrounds and serve as the impetus for practicing communication, critical thinking, leadership and cultural competency skills.

Leadership, Citizenship, Diverse and Global Perspectives

As educated people, students have the social responsibility to assume leadership roles when needed. Because of this responsibility, students must have opportunities to develop and refine their abilities to participate fully as leaders and citizens during their University experience. Leadership experiences allow students to consider diverse and global perspectives. 

Diverse relationships in the learning environment contribute to improvements in a students' ability to engage in more complex thinking and act with an appreciation of difference and social justice issues.

Healthy Living Practices

Health is directly related to student success. Healthy living means developing and sustaining wellness with regard to the psychological, social, spiritual, physical, intellectual, cultural and interpersonal dimensions of one’s life. It also includes a commitment to healthy and sustainable living practices. Programs and services provide opportunities for students to receive support that helps them to maintain healthy lifestyles.