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Report, Forms and Templates

Assessment Planning Templates

Assessment plans specify the steps we will take to determine the effectiveness of our programs and services. These plans outline the steps we will take to gather evidence of student learning, student development, and how well the program is functioning.  In specifying our assessment plans, we make transparent our vision, desires, and expected outcomes as indicators of success. Assessment is continuous and systematic. Assessment planning allows us to use results to modify, change or eliminate services that do not meet our needs and our expected outcomes, allowing us to use our resources more effectively.

Across Student Affairs we will use this assessment form to plan our assessment activities in advance, indicating that our efforts are linked with the vision, mission and goals at the Unit, Student Affairs, and University levels.  All Departments and Programs need to complete this form.  Don’t worry if you are unsure of the some of the questions and/or its answers. Simply answer everything to the best of your ability.  Empty fields will help the Assessment Coordinator, Vicki Wise, know where to assist you. We will meet to discuss further your program/service. Once you have an assessment plan, annual reporting in the Briefing Book becomes that much easier to complete. Assessment planning sheet for Departments and Programs.

 Unit/alignment leader assessment planning. Alignment and goal setting sheet. 

Annual Reports

The Briefing Book (BB) is now available for PSU Student Affairs alignment leaders, directors and coordinators who are responsible for submitting an annual report.  The BB was created to replace our annual report format so that we can share our stories more systematically and succinctly. It follows our assessment model and incorporates our agreed upon terminology. You must have a google.pdx account to access the Briefing Book.

Enrollment Management and Student Affairs Department Review Process

As Enrollment Management and Student Affairs professionals, we value reflection and continuous improvement. Program reviews provide a structured process for self reflection and peer feedback, and are used to ensure documentation of good practices and areas of needed improvement. Download the review process outline.

EMSA Staff Performance Review

Self Evaluation Form (this is form employees use to evaluate themselves)

 (this is the form the supervisor will use to evaluate the employee)