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Policy Manual


Student Activities and Leadership Programs supports the University mission by advocating for and supporting student engagement and fostering an inclusive environment that sustains diverse and ethical leadership. This is done by providing advising and administrative support to student organizations, events, and trainings.

Most of the policies that student organizations must work within are policies written by departments across campus, the Oregon University System (OUS), or are part of State law.  When possible, we have attempted to include which department, position, or jurisdiction oversees the particular policy.  Policies that are written by SALP are approved by the SALP Advisory Board and are clearly documented as being a SALP policy in this policy manual.

Please note: many procedures (the process of complying with the various policies) are negotiated between the SALP office and the corresponding department.  Our goals in negotiating these procedures are to increase effectiveness and ease for student organizations whenever possible and to retain the hard-earned privileges of student organizations.  Please continue to give SALP feedback on procedures and policies.

Table of Contents:

1. Community Standards

2. Equipment and Property

3. Events

4. External Partners for Student Organizations

5. Marketing and Publicity

6. Membership Dues

7. Money

8. Office Space and Operation

9. Storage

10. Student Organization Application and Recognition

11. Student Organization Leadership, Membership, and Participation

12. Travel