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Funding Opportunities

Student Travel Grants (AAA)

The AAA Committee consists of up to five faculty and five students appointed annually to allocate travel grants to students to present at conferences or to give presentations. AAA has a budget of approximately $45,000, and average proposals should be no more than $750 per person. Groups of students can apply together. No group or department can be granted more than $4000 in an academic year. AAA cannot fund international travel.

Speaker's Board

The Speakers Board is a committee of three students and three faculty appointed annually to disperse grants funded by student fees. The board considers requests for funds from student organizations and departments that bring speakers or performers of educational importance to Portland State.

Student Fee Committee

The Student Fee Committee (SFC) is a standing committee of the Associated Students of Portland State University (ASPSU), and is the duly recognized body of the ASPSU Student Government responsible for recommending Student Incidental Fee allocations to the ASPSU Student Government and the University President.

Organization Budget Council (OBC)

The Organization Budget Council (OBC) is a sub-committee of the Student Fee Committee that provides assistance to student organizations. The OBC provides funding and assistance to student organizations through budget development, event planning, and the enhancement of the university community. The OBC also serves as an active voice for student organizations by working with SALP and other university departments. The goal of the OBC is to foster greater student participation and involvement at Portland State University and in the greater Portland community by funding student organizations.