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School Social Work Licensure Track

The School of Social Work at Portland State University offers a course of study to prepare MSW students to apply for licensure as school social workers by Oregon's Teacher Standards and Practices Commission (TSPC).

The course of study in school social work is similiar to that completed by all students in the Portland Campus MSW program with the following exceptions:

  • Students in the school social work course of study must complete a specified set of elective classes including a 4-credit elective through the Education Leadership and Policy program at the PSU Graduate School of Education.
  • Students in this track must complete one field placement in a P-12 school and one field placement in a community-based setting serving children, youth, and families. Background check and fingerprint testing are required for placement. Please be sure to notify your field advisor and your faculty advisor of your interest in pursuing this license.
  • Students must complete a portfolio upon graduation demonstrating attainment of competencies.

Students currently enrolled in the MSW program are eligible to pursure this licensure. Application to the School Social Work Licensure track is made by submitting the Intent to Enroll form to Jim Nash no later than fall term of a student's advanced year. Once enrolled in this program, students are required to participate in quarterly meetings with their School Social Work Licensure cohort.

Currently this track is only available to students in the Portland Campus Option. Additionally, this track is limited to students in the Direct Service or Community Based Practice disciplines.

If you are interested in school social work, please review the information provided on this site. If you have questions after reading this information, please email Angela Zahas.

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