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BSW Program Assessment


BSW Assessment Data Summary December 2012

Reported from Spring 2011 Data from Graduating BSW Seniors


The purpose of this link is to share with you the narrative report of a BSW Assessment Survey. The purpose of this report is to be in compliance with the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) mandate that all accredited social work programs have public access to reports on the assessment of their programs available to stakeholders with regard to CHEA guidelines for public accountability. The survey discussed in this report is from surveys that were given to our BSW students from spring, June 2011. The BSW Program has been conducting a BSW Assessment Survey since the beginning of the BSW Program in September 2008. The results were discussed in the Self-Study submitted for our initial accreditation in December 2010. The BSW students were given a pre-test and a post-test from the beginning of their course work with our program, mid-way, and at the end of their course work. The survey is described in our “Self-Study December 2010, Volume I: Accreditation Standards” for our initial accreditation in Section 8: Accreditation Standard 8: Program Assessment and Continuous Improvement see pages 161-197.This survey is not in tandem with the 2008 EPAS since we were accrediated under the former standards. This report is in keeping with the spirit of the assessment. This report does not represent competencies or practice behaviors since we were not under those standards at the time of this report. 


Report Narrative

Report Charts


If you have any questions please contact:
Charlotte Goodluck, MSW, Ph.D.
BSW Program Director
Portland State University
School of Social Work
Portland, Oregon