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Ph.D. Students' Publications

Doctoral Students’ Publications 2007-2012


Mary Dallas Allen

Brennan, E. M., Bradley, J. R., Allen, M. D., & Perry, D. F. (2008). The evidence base for mental health consultation in early childhood settings: Research synthesis addressing staff and program outcomes. Early Education and Development, 19(6), 982-1022. 


Abby Bandurraga

***L. Kris Gowen, Abby Bandurraga and Pauline Jivanjee, Terry Cross, Barbara J. Friesen (2012).  Development, Testing, and Use of a Valid and Reliable Assessment Tool for Urban American Indian/Alaska Native Youth Programming Using Culturally Appropriate Methodologies.  Journal of Ethnic & Cultural Diversity in Social Work, 21:77-94.***

*** Winner of the 2012 JECDSW Best Paper Award***

Cross, T. L., Friesen, B. J., Jivanjee, P., Gowen, L. K., Bandurraga, A., Matthew, C., & Maher, N. (2011). Defining youth success using culturally appropriate community-based participatory research methods. Best Practices in Mental Health, 7(1), 94-114.


Samantha E. Blanchard

Blanchard, Samantha E. (2012).  Are the Needs of Single Parents Serving in the Air Force Being Met?  Advances in Social Work, 13(1), 83-97.


Jennifer Blakeslee

Blakeslee, J. E. (2012).  Expanding the scope of research with transition-age foster youth:  Applications of the social network perspective.  Child & Family social Work, 17(3), 326-336.

Blakeslee, J. E., and Keller, T.E. (2012). Buildilng the youth mentoring knowledge base:  Publishing trends and co-authorship networks.  Journal of Community Psychology, 40(7), 845-859.

Keller, T. E., Blakeslee, J. E., Lemon, S., & Courtney, M. E. (2010).  Subpopulations of older foster youths with differential risk of diagnosis for alcohol abuse or dependence.  Journal of  Studies on Alcohol and Drugs, 71, 6, 819-830. 


Moshoula Capous-Desyllas

Capous-Desyllas, M. (2007). A critique of the global trafficking discourse and U.S. policy. Journal of Sociology and Social Welfare, 34(4), 57-79.

Capous-Desyllas, M. (2007). Book review: Sex trafficking: Global market in women and children by Kathryn Farr. Journal of International Women’s Studies, 8(4), 167-172. 


John Casey

Coleman, D., & Casey, J. (2007). Therapeutic mechanisms of suicidal ideation: The influence of changes in automatic thoughts and immature defenses. Crisis: The Journal of Crisis Intervention and Suicide Prevention, 28(4), 198-203. 


Terry Chianello

Schweitzer, D., Chianello, T., Kothari, B. H. (2011). Compensation in Social Work: Critical for
satisfaction and a sustainable profession. Administration in Social Work, 35(5).


Beckie Child

Child, B., Oschwald, M., Curry, M. A., Hughes, R. B., & Powers, L. E. (2011). Understanding the experience of crime victims with disabilities and deaf victims. Journal of Policy Practice, 10(4), 247-267.

Hughes, R. B., Curry, M. A., Oschwald, M., Child, B., Lund, E. M., Sullivan, M. J., & Powers, L. R. (2011). Responding to crime victims with disabilities: The perspective of law Enforcement. Journal of Policy Practice, 10(3) 185-205.


Diane Cole

Coleman, D., Cole, D., & Wuest, L. (2010). Cognitive and psychodynamic mechanisms of change in treated and untreated depression. Journal of Clinical Psychology, 66(3), 215-228. 


Mandy Davis

Davis, M., & Koroloff, N. (2007). The great divide: How mental health policy fails young
adults. In W. Fisher (Ed.), Research on community-based mental health services for children and adolescents (pp. 53-74). Amsterdam: JAI Press.


Kevin Jones

Jones, Kevin R., Wheeler, Marc, Keller, Thomas E. (2011).  Innovation in Collaboration:  The Summer Institute on Youth Mentoring as a university-community partnership.  Gateways:  International Journal of Community Research and Engagement, 4(2011) 168-85.


Brianne Hood Kothari

Malsch, A. M., Green, B. L., Kothari, B.H. (2011). Understanding parents’ perspectives on the
transition to kindergarten: What early childhood educators and schools can do for at-risk families. Best Practices in Mental Health, 7(1), 47-66.

Schweitzer, D., Chianello, T., Kothari, B.H. (2011). Compensation in Social Work: Critical for
satisfaction and a sustainable profession. Administration in Social Work, 35 (5).

Hood, B. K., Power, T. G., & Hill, L. G. (2009). Children’s appraisal of moderately stressful situations. International Journal of Behavioral Development, 33(2), 167-177.

Hill, L. G., Maucione, K. J., & Hood, B. K. (2007). A focused approach to assessing fidelity. Prevention Science, 8, 25-34.

Marjorie McGee

Rosso, A.L., Wisdom, J.P., Horner-Johnson, W., McGee, M.G. & Michael Y.M. (2011) Aging with a disability: A systematic review of cardiovascular disease and osteoporosis among women aging with a physical disability. Muturitas 68(1), 65-72.

Wisdom, J. P., McGee M. G., Horner-Johnson, W., Michael, Y. L., Adams, E., & Berlin, M. (2010). Health disparities between women with and without disabilities: A review of research. Social Work in Public Health, 25(3), 368-386. 


Michael McCarthy

McCarthy, M. J. (2009). Online ethnography with vulnerable populations: A pilot test of data collection via a popular instant messaging service. Perspectives on Social Work, 8(1), 13-17.

Krahn, G., McCarthy, M. J., Westwood, D., & Powers, L. (2008). Evaluation of an innovative methodology to recruit research participants with spinal cord injury through durable medical equipment suppliers. Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, 89, 1341-1349.

Suzuki, R., Krahn, G., McCarthy, M. J., & Adams, E. (2007). Understanding health outcomes: Physical secondary conditions in people with spinal cord injury. Rehabilitation Psychology, 52(3), 338-350.


Karen Morgaine

Morgaine, K. (2007). Domestic violence and human rights: Local challenges to a universal framework. Journal of Sociology and Social Welfare, 34(4), 109-129.


SungHwan Noh

Pittman, J. O., Noh, S., & Coleman, D. (2010). Evaluating the effectiveness of a consumer delivered anti-stigma program: Replication with graduate-level helping professionals. Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal, 33(3), 236-238. 


Peggy Nygren

Guise, J-M., Denman, M. A., Emesis, C., Marshall, N., Walker, M., Fu, R., Janik, R., Nygren, P, Eden, K. B., & McDonagh, M. (2010). Vaginal birth after cesarean: New insights on maternal and neonatal outcomes. Obstetrics and Gynecology, 115(6), 1267-1278.

Nelson, H. D., Fu, R., Griffin, J. C., Nygren, P., Smith, B., & Humphrey. L. (2009). Systematic Review: Comparative effectiveness of medications to reduce risk for primary breast Cancer. Annals of Internal Medicine, 151(10)703-715.

Jimison H, Gorman P, Woods S, Nygren P, Walker M, Norris S, Hersh W. Barriers and Drivers of Health Information Technology Use for the Elderly, Chronically Ill, and Underserved.  Evidence Report/Technology Assessment No. 175 (Prepared by the Oregon Evidence-based Practice Center under Contract No. 290-02-0024). AHRQ Publication No. 09-E004. Rockville, MD: Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. November 2008.

Nygren, P., Fu, R., Freeman, M., Bougatsos, C., Klebanoff, M., & Guise, J-M. (2008). Evidence of the benefits and harms of screening and treating pregnant women who are asymptomatic for bacterial vaginosis: An update review for the US preventive service task force. Annals of Internal Medicine, 148(3), 220-233.

Nelson, H. D., Bougatsos, C., & Nygren, P. (2008). Universal newborn hearing screening:  Systematic review to update the 2001 US preventive services task force recommendation. Pediatrics, 122(1), 266-276.

Nedrow, A., Miller, J., Huffman, L. H., Nygren, P., Walker, M., & Nelson, H. D. (2007).  Alternatives for menopause. Archives of Internal Medicine, 167(5), 515-516.


Jennifer Powers

Powers, J. (2008). Identifying evidence-based practices in mental health. In K. Corcoran and B.
Thomlinson Eds.) Evidence-Based Field Manual. Oxford UK: Oxford University Press.

Powers, L. E., Curry, M. A., McNeff, E., Saxton, M., Powers, J. L., & Oschwald, M. (2008). End the silence: A survey of abuse against men with disabilities. Journal of Rehabilitation, 74 (4), 41-53. 


Amy Salazar

Salazar, A. M., Keller, T., & Courtney, M. E. (2011). Understanding social supports’ role in the Relationship between maltreatment and depression in youth with foster care experience.  Child Maltreatment, 16(2), 102-113.

Keller, T., Salazar, A., & Courtney, M. E. (2010). Prevalence and timing of diagnosable mental health, alcohol, and substance use problems among older adolescents in the child welfare system. Children and Youth Service Review, 32(4), 626-634. 


Donald Schweitzer

Schweitzer, D., Chianello, T., Kothari, B.H. (2011). Compensation in Social Work: Critical for
satisfaction and a sustainable profession. Administration in Social Work, 35 (5).


Lisa Stewart

Rosenzweig, J. M., Barnett, R. C., Huffstutter, K. J., & Stewart, L. (2008). Work-life integration: History, theory, and strategy. In J. M. Rosenzweig & E. M. Brennan (Eds.), Work, life, and the mental health system of care: A guide for professionals supporting families of children with emotional or behavioral disorders (pp. 89-115). Baltimore: Paul H. Brookes.

Rupert VanWormer

VanWormer, R., & VanWormer, K. (2009). Non-abstinence-based supportive housing for Persons with co-occurring disorders: A human rights perspective. Journal of Progressive Human Services, 20(2), 152-165. 


Leslie Wuest

Coleman, D., Cole, D., & Wuest, L. (2010). Cognitive and psychodynamic mechanisms of change in treated and untreated depression. Journal of Clinical Psychology, 66(3), 215-228.

Brennan, E. M., Rosenzweig, J. M., Ogilvie, A. M., Wuest, L., & Shindo, A. A. (2007).  Employed parents of children with mental health disorders: Achieving, work family fit, flexibility, and role quality. Families In Society: The Journal of Contemporary Social Services, 88(1), 115-123. 


Rebecca Yazzie

Yazzie, R. (2011).  Availability of treatment to youth offenders:  Comparison of public versus private programs from a national census. Children and Youth Services Review, 33, 804-809.