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MSW/MPH Dual Degree Options

The MSW/MPH Dual Degree has two program tracks:

Admissions: Applicants must fill out and submit the MSW application and an application to the MPH program you are interested in:

Please note the application deadlines, as they may be different.

Applicants may apply for both the MSW Program and the MPH Program at the same time, or students currently in their first year of the MSW Program may apply for, and if admitted, start the MPH Program to start in their second year.

Requirements: PSU requirements state that students in dual degree programs may reduce their total credit hour requirements by one-third of the credits of the smaller degree program. Consequently, students will need 119-124 credits (depending on the MPH Program track) to graduate with MSW and MPH degrees.

Timeline: Depending on whether the student begins one program first or begins both programs simultaneously, the sequencing of coursework may vary. Students will need to work closely with an advisor in each program to ensure that they meet the requirements for both degrees. The dual degree program is expected to take three years of full-time study.