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The School of Social Work recognizes the need for field placements that provide opportunities for students to be exposed to a range of roles and skills, client populations, service delivery models, community resources and the development of social work competencies.

Overview of Placement Requirements

  • 16 hours/week, starting in late September and ending in early June (500 hours total).
  • 1 hour of supervision/week with qualified Field Instructor (qualifications below).
  • Fall, Winter, and Spring term student Field Evaluations.
  • Site visits at the end of Fall and Spring Term with the student, Field Liaison, and Field Instructor (Task Supervisor, if applicable).

Qualifications for Field Agencies

  • Respond to the needs of the community and consistently accept the purposes, values, ethics and methods of social work.
  • Personnel are committed to social work education and professional training.
  • Accept that students are assigned to the field placement without respect to age, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, ability/disability status, economic class or national origin.
  • Provide a qualified field instructor and assure that field instructor has sufficient time and resources within the work schedule to provide weekly supervision; develop learning opportunities; and prepare for conferences, reports, and evaluations.
  • Accept students as developing social workers and will not use them to meet staffing needs nor withhold appropriate assignments because of student status.
  • Provide appropriate facilities, equipment, and learning opportunities to the student.

Supervision Models

Field Instructor

Social work field instructors assist students in understanding the breadth of social work practice and developing core social work competencies.  Most field instructors are employed by the agency where the student is placed, though some field instructors provide off-site supervision for students placed in agencies that don't have a social worker. Field Instructors have the ability to provide group supervision for up to 50% of the required supervision.

 Read more about the Field Instructor Roles and Responsibilities here.

  • To become a field instructor for the MSW Program, individuals are required to have an MSW degree and two (2) years post MSW work experience.
  • To become a field instructor for the BSW Program, individuals are required to have either a BSW and two (2) years post degree experience, or an MSW degree.

Task Supervisor

The Task Supervision model is used in situations where a student's social work field instructor is not available to the student on a daily basis to support their learning and training needs.  For example, the Field Instructor may work in another program or agency.  The Task Supervisor will orient the student (and Field Instructor, when applicable) to the agency and program and will provide on-site day to day support and guidance.  The Field Instructor, Student, and Task Supervisor collaboratively develop the Field Education Plan and continue to work together to determine the need for activities that respond to assignments.  The Task Supervisor will also take part in the student's Field Evaluation at the end of each term.

Read more about the Task Supervision Model here.