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Strategic Plan

The Speech & Hearing Sciences Department is in the process of reviewing and updating their 5-year strategic plan.  2013-14 short term objectives address aspects of the commitment to stronger educational offerings, enhancing clinical offerings, and further research agendas.  These objectives are:

- strengthen undergraduate program offerings through the offerings of a variety of undergraduate electives, increased honors' courses, and providing more lower-division coursework for freshman and sophomore students.

- continue clinic improvements.  Phase 1 has included a redesign of the graduate clinician lab and the establishment of a student computer lab for clinical observation.  In 2013-14, the SPHR Department will fundraise to install an audio/video observation system for our clinic, allowing supervisors, students, and families better observation facilities during clinic sessions.

- offer two new graduate electives:  neuroimaging and assessment and treatment of children.  These courses strengthen our graduate offerings in the areas of medical speech-language pathology and working with bilingual populations as well as working with individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds.  

- implement services for cognitive rehabilitation in the PSU Speech & Language clinic.