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SPHR Vision & Mission


A Northwest leader in the advancement of Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences through innovative, high-impact research, effective pedagogy and active engagement with the community of professionals and people living with communication challenges.




  The mission of the Department of Speech and Hearing Sciences is to uncover and share new knowledge that will lead to better communication; prepare future professionals with the understanding, skill, and clinical judgment necessary to assess and treat communication disorders; and serve the community, especially people with communication challenges.


The mission of our Department is in concert with the Portland State University mission.  PSU has adopted a strong community service identity which strives to integrate higher education with the needs of the community. Our department serves as a prominent example of the integration of academic, research, and community service. Our curriculum contributes to the liberal education of undergraduate students and provides a graduate program leading to entry into the profession of speech­-language pathology. Our curriculum provides students with a strong scientific base that enables them to think critically, assess information accurately, and be adaptable in their work with clients. We connect with the community by providing speech, language, and hearing services on campus and by providing numerous services in the greater Portland area, such as speech and hearing screenings in schools. Our Department contributes to the research mission of the University through faculty and student research in communication sciences and disorders. 

Specific Departmental Objectives include: 

  • Provision of high quality undergraduate and graduate education in the speech, language, and hearing sciences and communication disorders by means of activities such as: a) the development and delivery of state-of-the-art information through courses and seminars, supervision of clinical practica, and student advising, b) mentorship of student research and scholarly writing, and c) mentorship of students in the dissemination of knowledge gained from research in the form of conference papers, journal articles, book chapters, and electronic media. 

  • Procurement of external funding through grants and contracts to facilitate research and discovery, as well as to enhance clinical instruction and services.

  • Discovery of new knowledge of theoretical and clinical importance for communication sciences and disorders, and the dissemination of this knowledge through peer reviewed publications. 

  • Participation in policy-making of national and state professional associations regarding the education and governance of speech-language pathologists and audiologists.

  • Service to the disciplines at the local, state, and national levels through activities such as editing and reviewing for journals, serving as elected officers for state and national organizations, serving on state and national committees and boards, and reviewing for grants, awards, scholarships, and honors.

  • Provision of governance and professionally-related service to the University through administrative and committee work and fundraising. 
  • Service to the community through the dissemination of knowledge and partnerships with community members and agencies to address the needs of individuals with communication challenges.

Mission of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (CLAS):

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences provides the intellectual foundation for the liberal and professional education of students at Portland State University and for the enhancement of the quality of life in the metropolitan area.  The faculty, therefore, are committed to excellence in instruction and to the pursuit of knowledge through research and service activities in the humanities, the natural and physical sciences, and the social sciences.